LOL: 'Saturday Night Live' Supecuts Show Decades Of The Cast Breaking Character

Some people wonder why Saturday Night Live is still a program that is put together in just a week when the comedy that comes from the show can be so hit or miss. For superfans of the show like myself, that's actually one of the most exciting aspects of the show. It's impressive to see what this talented group of people can put together in such a short amount of time, and no one makes show like this anywhere else on television.

Another fun element of the live aspect of the show is that anything can happen while it's on the air, and that includes cast members "breaking" in the middle of a scene. Sometimes the SNL cast members just can't help but laugh at themselves or their co-stars and they break the reality of the scene. Usually it just results in the sketch getting funnier, and the audience always loves to see it happen. Now you can relive some of the best moments of breaking from SNL with a couple supercuts spanning decades of sketches.

Here's the two Saturday Night Live breaking character supercuts from YouTube (via The AV Club):

More often than not, breaking happens in Weekend Update, but when it happens in the sketches, that's even better. The two most notorious cast members known for breaking character were Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz, especially when they were together in a sketch. It's actually amazing these two videos aren't of just them. But Bill Hader had plenty breaks of his own, especially as the New York City tourism expert Stefon. But there's actually a really good reason for that.

For those who don't know, comedian John Mulaney was a writer on Saturday Night Live, and he was the one who worked with Bill Hader for the Stefon segments on Weekend Update. It became a tradition for Mulaney to make one or two last minute changes to the cue cards before the show went live that Hader wasn't aware of, so whenever he breaks, it was usually because he just read one of Mulaney's jokes for the first time. As for the rest of the time, sometimes even the best comedic talents can't help but laugh at themselves.