Cool Stuff: Vans Has A 'Toy Story' Shoe Collection On The Way

Earlier this year, some pretty sweet kicks came from Sperry in honor of Jaws. But if you're more of a Pixar Animation fan, then Vans has you covered with some more movie sneakers for you to throw your money at.

Some photos have emerged online that reveal a whole new line of Vans shoes inspired by the Toy Story franchise. The designs themselves aren't exactly my style, but there's an awesome little touch on the sole of some of the shoes that will make them irresistible to fans. Check out the Vans Toy Story shoes after the jump.

Here's the batch of Vans Toy Story shoes that surfaced on Instagram (via InsideTheMagic):

As you can see some of the designs are inspired by the clothes characters like Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear wear. Others merely have patterns featuring those characters and more. The aliens shoes are particularly cool since they have parts that glow in the dark. But for me, the best touch is including Andy's handwritten signature on the bottom sole of some of the shoes. It's not clear if that's inscribed on all of them (that would be awesome), but I love the variation of the signature, from his childish scribble to more neat handwriting.

The photos emerged through an Instagram account that's private, so there's no telling how they got to see them before they were announced. However, the account in question uses Disney font in the profile to explain that it's "independently owned and operated," so maybe it's someone with inside access to Disney information.

As of now, there's no word on how much the shoes will cost and there's no specific release date. The best guess we have at this point is a rumor that pegs them for a fall release. These would be the kind of shoes that would make Christmas gifts, so that wouldn't be a bad time to release them. As soon as anymore information becomes available, we'll let you know.