'Warcraft' Sequel Teased By The Film's Official Chinese Social Media Account

Before Warcraft even hit theaters in the United States, box office analysts were already predicting that the video game adaptation from Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones wasn't going to make much money domestically. However, Warcraft was already pulling in some serious bank overseas, and just a few weeks after hitting theaters around the world, it was already the most successful video game film of all time. And you know what that means.

In a post on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, the official social media account of the Warcraft movie came out and said that this first film is just the beginning, meaning that a Warcraft sequel is in the works.

The post from Weibo surfaced over at the official Reddit for World of Warcraft, and a user translated the text of the social media post so we could all better understand what was said. Here's the post in question:


The translation is a little rough, but even if you run the Chinese text through Google Translate (where it comes out making far less sense), you still get the same idea. And this is the film's official social media account, so this appears to be more legitimate than hopeful.

It's not surprising that a sequel would still come about despite Warcraft's lack of big box office in the United States. Overseas, Warcraft has pulled in over $376 million so far compared to the $46 million it made in the US. In China alone, Warcraft surpassed all of the Marvel movies and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so the film isn't quite the failure some thought it would be.

Warcraft wasn't a great movie, but I found it to be fascinating and admirable in its attempt to bring this massive fantasy world to life. Having no familiarity with the video games, I was interested in the universe building done in the movie, even if the film attempted to cram far too much into a two-hour film. Even though the movie felt long, it was too short to contain everything Duncan Jones wanted to accomplish. It was as if all the plot points from the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy were crammed into a single movie. But it was clear that a lot was cut before it hit theaters, as has been previously confirmed.

Furthermore, this is the first video game movie I've seen where most of the fans of the game appear to be satisfied with how the film was brought to life. Of course, for all those fans who were pleased, there are plenty of general audiences who couldn't get invested. Part of the problem is that the acting in this movie was not impressive. I actually found myself far more invested in the orc characters rather than any of the humans (and that's something that I didn't even experience with the motion capture characters of Avatar).

Perhaps with all the universe building out of the way, a Warcraft sequel can finally dig into the rich world that the video game offers. Even though I didn't love a majority of what this first Warcraft movie had to offer, I find myself curious to see what can be done with a sequel.

Any of you out there interested in a Warcraft sequel?