Cool Stuff: One Fan Built A Tiny 'Jurassic Park' For His Pet Tortoise And Spared No Expense

Unfortunately, geneticists haven't figured out how to bring dinosaurs back from extinction just yet. Or perhaps they figured it out awhile ago, but they're just not telling anybody for feat that someone would actually try to make Jurassic Park, or even Jurassic World, a reality. Instead, people have opted to just take on exotic pets like snakes, turtles, ferrets and more.

Now one fan has decided to combine his love for one of his exotic pets with his love for Steven Spielberg's modern classic, and the result is a tiny version of Jurassic Park that a tortoise named Louie calls home. Check out the Jurassic Park tortoise house below.

Here's a video that shows the Jurassic Park tortoise pen in all its glory (via Kotaku):

As you can see right off the bat in the video from creator Oliver Turpin, there's the iconic Jurassic Park entrance gate. Sadly there's no shot of the tortoise walking through the gate, but I'm sure it's not easy to get a tortoise to follow a cue and hit a mark. Behind the gate there's a tiny replica of the visitor center, complete with tyrannosaurus rex skeleton design around the doors.

But perhaps the most appropriate touch is the broken electric fence, making it look like Louie the tortoise has taken advantage of the power being down in Jurassic Park so he can trod around freely, feasting on grass at his leisure.

Also can we all agree that all footage of tortoises or any other reptile needs to be set to John Williams' classic Jurassic Park music from now on? Okay, thank you.