VOTD: Homemade Pizza Planet Truck Wows Pixar Animation Studios

There are some very passionate pop culture fans out there in the world. Some of them like to show their love by amassing collectibles, others like to dress up as their favorite characters. But it takes a real dedicated crew to build a homemade version of an iconic cinematic vehicle. Plenty of people have created their own Back to the Future time machines or A-Team vans, but a group of friends decided they wanted to bring a vehicle from the world of Pixar Animation into the real world.

Some very talented people decided to create a working replica of the Pizza Planet Truck originally seen in Toy Story. Not only is their creation from 2011 impressive and as screen accurate as possible, but once they were done with it, they drove it to Pixar's studios and impressed some of the very people who created the real Pizza Planet truck.

Here's The Road to Pixar documentary short that shows their trip to Pixar:

In the video you'll see people on Pixar's campus coming to check out the car and marveling at the detail. The creators even get offers to receive the actual files for the Pizza Planet truck decals to make it even more accurate. As they examine the vehicle, you see that they didn't skimp on any details. There's even a big dirty toolbox in the back of the cab, just like in the original movie.

If you want more information about the Pizza Planet Truck, it's been touring the country at various conventions and more, becoming a bit of a pop culture celebrity of sorts. You can find out all about how the truck was made and the various trips its taken over the years and the changes and repairs they've made as they've gone along at their offiicial blog.