VOTD: Superhero Movies Get Ravaged In This 16-Minute Critique Of The Entire Genre

The term "superhero fatigue" has been thrown around a lot ever since Marvel launched their cinematic universe, but the box office numbers seem to indicate that it might just be a figment of analysts imagination. Even a movie like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which hasn't performed as well as the studio anticipated, will still pull in $900 million, and that's not easy feat. Plus, Captain America: Civil War is projected to have a $175 million opening weekend, so superhero movies are doing just fine.

However, just because millions are heading to theaters to see them doesn't mean everyone likes them. In fact, a new video from the YouTube user appropriately named "I Hate Everything" has put together a 16-minute video as to why he has come to hate superhero movies. The bad news is, he makes some pretty good points with some critiques even applying to the better superhero movies. Just try to keep your rebuttal in the comments from veering into blind hatred and vitriol.

Here's "I Hate Superhero Movies" from the YouTube channel I Hate Everything (via Gizmodo):

While the channel is likely meant to stir up debate from passionate fans who actually love whatever this guy from across the pond chooses to hate on any given week, it's not as if he doesn't have some smart things to say. It's hard to argue with the fact that the scores for most superhero movies nowadays are hardly as memorable as they used to be for movies like Richard Donner's Superman and Tim Burton's Batman. Don't believe that's true ? Go ahead and hum the theme to Thor or Ant-Man in your head. We'll wait.

One part I don't particularly agree with is the fact that Marvel's contracts that sign actors for multiple movies takes the stakes out of the movies themselves. However, just because an actor is signed for a certain number of movies doesn't mean a given hero couldn't die. Most of the time the actors are just contracted for those movies just in case. There's no telling whether or not they'll actually appear in the full number of movies. After all, it's not as if when a hero dies in a comic book story that precludes them from coming back anyway, so the contracts seem like a moot point.

Don't worry, this isn't just an attack on Marvel, because DC Comics movies get their fair share of jabs as well. There's plenty of other snarky remarks and points made by this video to piss of fans of various superhero movies, and you can argue or agree with them in the comments below.