VOTD: 2016 DGA Nominees Iñárritu, Scott, Miller, McCarthy & McKay Talk For Over 2.5 Hours

This weekend brings the telecast for the 88th Academy Awards, and we'll see who takes home Hollywood's biggest prize. But before that, maybe you'd like to see some of the nominees chat for two and a half hours about their nominated work. Earlier this month, the Directors Guild of America rounded up the 2016 DGA nominees for an extensive chat, and it's fascinating.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Ridley Scott, George Miller, Tom McCarthy, and Adam McKay all sit down to talk about ther respective careers, filmmaking advice, production on each of their nominated films and more. Watch the 2016 DGA Nominees panel below.

The only director on the panel not nominated for an Oscar is Ridley Scott, who ended up being replaced by Lenny Abrahamson for his work on Room. As we know, Alejandro G. Iñárritu ended up taking home the 2016 DGA award for his work on The Revenant, and he's the frontrunner to win the Oscar for Best Director. Personally, I'd like to see George Miller take home the prize, as indicated in my Oscar ballot for our own little competition here at /Film, but that's just me.

I never get sick of watching conversations like this between filmmakers. There need to be more panels like this made available online throughout the year and just not with award nominated filmmakers. It would be pretty cool to see a big panel like this with all of the Marvel directors, or eventually all the Star Wars directors. Just any extended conversation with a filmmaker where they aren't just promoting their film would be great.