VOTD: Get Mega Air In This Official 'Back To The Future Part II' Hoverboard Commercial

This year, luxury automobile manufacturer Lexus turned the future into the present by making a real working hoverboard, thanks to the science of super-cooled magnets. We're still a long way off from having hoverboards on streets around the world, but it's at least a step in the right direction.

However, in honor of Back to the Future Day coming up in just under a couple weeks, Universal Pictures has unleashed an official hoverboard commercial, touting the Mattel branded toy of the future, as if it were a product of the present.

Here's the hoverboard commercial from Universal:

This is all just some promotional marketing for the forthcoming 30th anniversary re-release of Back to the Future on Blu-Ray and DVD next week, with a special edition that comes in a flux capacitor. And I have to say, with all that Universal has done to keep the love for Back to the Future alive this year, I'm a little disappointed with this production.

First of all, it's not an awesome combination of 1980s and "future" culture that was put together perfectly in the Pepsi Perfect advertisement that hit the web recently. And second of all, it's far too contemporary. You could substitute Moon Shoes for the hoverboard in this ad and run it on Nickelodeon in the middle of the day and it would be a real advertisement.

The problem seems to be is that the viral marketing vibe for the hoverboard has already been done infinitely better with the Funny or Die hoax video that featured Christopher Lloyd and Tony Hawk shilling what was just some special effects wizardry made to look like a real hoverboard. Even the Lexus videos showcasing their hoverboard were cooler than this. But at least Universal is celebrating Back to the Future right in other ways this month.