'Outatime' Trailer: A Documentary On Restoring The Iconic DeLorean From 'Back To The Future'

The excitement for Back to the Future Day continues with a tease of another documentary about one of the most integral parts of the time traveling adventure. The DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future is one of the most iconic vehicles in cinema history, but for some reason, the primary car used during the production of the film trilogy was left to fall apart on the backlot of Universal Studios. It sat in the rain for years, fans would sneak onto the lot and steal parts from it, and the car seemed destined for the junkyard.

But Back to the Future writer Bob Gale wasn't prepared to let the original DeLorean be erased from existence, and he had a restoration team assembled to bring the car back to its former glory. The work, which lasted over two years, is chronicled in the Outatime trailer, a documentary about the saving of this film legend.

Here's the Outatime trailer from director Steve Concotelli's YouTube page:

Outatime started with a Kickstarter campaign for a feature-length documentary about the restoration of the DeLorean time machine, and that version of the film is still being worked on by director and producer Steve Concotelli. However, if you happen to be picking up the new 30th anniversary box set for Back to the Future coming on October 20th, a 20-minute featurette version of the doc will be part of the special features on that release.

The Kickstarter page for the project touted some pretty cool names for talking heads including Bob Gale, John Murdy (creative director of Universal Studios), Michael Scheffe (construction coordinator), Michael Lantieri (special effects supervisor), Kevin Pike (special effects supervisor), members of the Restoration Team and more. Their insight is the key to making this much more than an episode of a car restoration show you might see on television. Here's a nice description of the film from the campaign page:

What makes this story unique is how the restoration was accomplished. The Time Machine wasn't restored by a studio or an auto body shop. Instead, Universal Studios boldly decided to have FANS restore the car. Fans with the knowledge, passion and the obsessive attention to detail that the Time Machine deserved!

So, Bob Gale hired Joe Walser – who assembled a team of the biggest "Back to the Future" fans and the best Time Machine builders in the world. Together, they had one goal – restore the car with 100% accuracy. Every wire. Every detail. Exactly like it was in the movie.


We're not sure when the final feature film version will get released. But as huge fans of Back to the Future, we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for release information. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the Back to the Future documentary Back in Time, premiering at the We're Going Back 30th anniversary celebration in California, and hitting VOD the same day.