The New 'Trumbo' Trailer Sets Bryan Cranston Up For Oscar Gold

The new Trumbo trailer features all of the things you love about the movies. Bryan Cranston with an awesome mustache. Helen Mirren scheming while rocking some serious old school fashion. John Goodman yelling and smashing things. The mere presence of character actors like Michael Stuhlbarg and Alan Tudyk. And that's before you get to the exactingly recreated 1950s Hollywood setting and the fact that Dalton Trumbo's life story is genuinely thrilling stuff.

Check out the Trumbo trailer after the jump.

The story of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is so inherently cinematic that you'd think the man himself took a crack at it. Already a successful writer when he famously refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, he emerged from prison blacklisted as a Communist and fought back by continuing to write screenplays under false names, winning two Oscars in the process. Seriously, you can't make stuff that up.

Like the first trailer, this preview hits all of the expected biopic notes and seems to be following a very familiar template. And yet Trumbo certainly looks like a fine movie. Sure, there are moments that verge on parody (particularly Dean O'Gorman's Kirk Douglas), but no one in their right mind would turn down the chance to watch a movie with this cast. Formulaic or not, we're not ones to turn up our noses at any movie that manages to feature Cranston and Mirren and Goodman and Stuhlbarg and Tudyk and Diane Lane and Louis C.K. Yes, this movie has so many actors in it that they found room for Louis C.K.

This film represents an interesting left turn for director Jay Roach. Best known for directing broad comedies like Meet the Parents and the Austin Powers films, Roach has spent the past decade combining his knack for comedy with an interest in politics. The result: comedies like The Campaign and dramas like HBO's Recount. Trumbo looks like Roach's attempt to make a glossy, Oscar-friendly prestige picture and you know what? More power to him. Do what you have to do to help us forget that you made Meet the Fockers. We are on your side here.

Speaking of Oscars, Trumbo looks ready to catapult Cranston into the awards conversation in a big way. Since he already has a fistful of Emmys for his work on Breaking Bad and a Tony Award for playing President Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way, an Oscar win would put Cranston one half-decent folk album away from EGOT-ing. Expect to see some heavy awards campaigning in the months ahead... and maybe expect to hear rumblings of a Cranston-led musical act of some kind. Not really. But maybe.

If you want a taste of what to expect from the final film, feel free to check out the clip below. Although it's mostly about Cranton's Trumbo being subpoenaed by the United States government, it also features Diane Lane juggling drinking glasses like a boss and that takes priority.

Trumbo opens on November 6, 2015.