VOTD: Find Out What An R-Rated 'Back To The Future' Would Be Like

The time traveling adventure Back to the Future is fun for the whole family, the kind of sci-fi film that studios don't really make anymore. It's not overtly made for adults, but it's not exactly geared towards kids either. It hits a sweet spot right in the middle, and that's part of what makes it so perfect and timeless (no pun intended).

But what if Robert Zemeckis made an R-rated Back to the Future? YouTube user Andrew Robertson imagines what the film would have been like if it were R-rated, specifically because of vulgar language. After all, Marty McFly is a teenager, and he should be dropping more f-bombs. That's exactly what happens in Back to the F*ckin Future.

Here's Back to the F*ckin Future from Andrew Robertson on YouTube (via AV Club):

It's a rather choppy video, but there are some really funny audio cues in here. It almost makes me wish that there were some kind of parallel universe channel where movies weren't censored for vulgar language, but instead had it amped up for no good reason. Even Huey Lewis gets in on the swearing fun in his cameo as the prom committee member who thinks Marty's band The Pinheads is just too loud. I was half-expecting "The Power of Love" to have an f-bomb thrown in there, but it sadly didn't happen.

One thing's for sure, there's quite a lot of moments where a teenage kid like Marty McFly would be shocked enough to exclaim his surprise through expletives. But the film is rated PG, so all we get is "damn" getting thrown around a lot, a "son of a bitch" here and there, and a few rare uses of " holy shit" as well. Though that today might warrant a PG-13 instead of the more tame rating reserved for more obviously family friendly movies.