Mads Mikkelsen May Have Revealed His 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Character Name

Considering the fact that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still over three months away, it's no surprise that a lot of details on Star Wars: Rogue One are still sparse, despite production being underway right now across the pond. But one particular detail may have just come to light.

A fan attending FanExpo this past weekend was able to get Mads Mikkelsen to sign a poster, and in addition to the actor's autograph, the Hannibal star also put another word in quotations. Some have come to believe it's a character name belonging to the Mads Mikkelsen Star Wars character.

Rebel Force Radio (via Jedi News) has a picture of the autograph you can see here:Mads Mikkelsen - Galen

That says "Galen" under Mikkelsen's autograph. And the reason people believe this is the actor's character name in Star Wars: Rogue One is because of the other visible signature on the poster. That's the autograph of Phil LaMarr, who voiced Kit Fisto in The Clone Wars animated series. So if he's putting his Star Wars character name on this poster, it stands to reason that's exactly what Mikkelsen did as well. So does this tell us anything?

Well, Star Wars fans who have played the video game The Force Unleashed know that there's a very powerful Force-user named Galen Marek as the main character. Galen became known as Starkiller and was the secret apprentice of Darth Vader. He may even have been more powerful than Vader himself since he used the Force to crash a Star Destroyer.

While some fans have hoped to see the character of Galen Marek become part of the Star Wars universe outside of the video game, I can't imagine that will be the case in Star Wars: Rogue One. After all, we've heard that there won't be any Jedi in Rogue One as it's meant to focus on a group of soldiers attempting to steal the plans to the Death Star. So the inclusion of Galen Marek doesn't make sense.

It's far more likely that the writers of Rogue One wanted to give a little hat tip to that fan favorite character by bringing the name Galen into Star Wars canon. Perhaps they even did it so that fans would speculate just like this, and if that's the case, mission accomplished. Stay tuned to see what else we learn about Star Wars: Rogue One down the road.