'Iron Man' Honest Trailer: Beginning Of Marvel's Cinematic Universe Gets Skewered

Marvel Studios may not have a panel at Comic-Con this week, but that doesn't mean we can't take time to look back at the film that has helped make the pop culture convention even bigger.Iron Man was the first film to kick off the Marvel cinematic universe, the beginning of a lead-up to the assembly of The Avengers on the big screen for the first time ever. It still stands as one of the best films Marvel has made, but that doesn't mean it's immune to a skewering from the folks at Honest Trailers. They even take the time for a jab at The Incredible Hulk.

Watch the Iron Man Honest Trailer after the jump!

It actually kinda feels like Honest Trailers had a hard time digging into this movie. They don't say anything that's too scathing about the movie itself, and most of the digs end up being about Marvel itself and Tony Stark as a character, especially with regards to his similarities to Robert Downey Jr. as an actor.

But there's plenty of remarks here that could be thrown at the entirety of the Marvel universe, since they're not always making perfect comic book movies. In fact, the first minute of the Honest Trailer is basically just illustrating how Iron Man acted as the formula for the rest of the films that would follow in the Marvel cinematic universe. That's a generalization to be sure, but it's also pretty accurate for the most part.

Still, you can't deny that Jon Favreau did a hell of a job kicking off an unprecedented franchise that would help launch other comic book franchises, and lead-up to an even bigger one with The Avengers. And Robert Downey Jr. has run with the baton in the years since, putting millions of butts into movie theaters seats, and plenty of millions in his own pockets.