Avatar Coverage Saturates The Web; Here's A Recent Roundup

The days of Avatar being a closely-guarded secret are long gone. Fox is saturating every possible corner of the media world with coverage of James Cameron's upcoming film. I'm more than a little tired of the incessant coverage at this point; I see the film in a week or so and until then have absolutely nothing new to think about it. We've already run quite a bit of coverage in the last week: the 60 Minutes piece, a 2.5-minute chase scene, the 'interactive trailer' and more. If that hasn't sent you into overload, there are a few more clips after the break.

First, there's word that Avatar may premiere at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, the 24-hour film festival curated each December by Harry Knowles. More than a few high-profile films have had their debut at the geek-fest, such as There Will Be Blood two years ago. BNAT takes place Dec 12-13, just a few days before Avatar's official Dec 18 opening. The London premiere is Dec 10, which is also when a lot of press screenings are taking place.

CNN did a couple of video pieces this week: a featurette on Pandora, the lush and dangerous world of the film, and an interview with James Cameron. Those are embedded below.

If you're not worried about the titles of tracks on the score giving the whole movie away, listen to clips from much of James Horner's compositions for the film. [via AICN]

Finally, producer Jon Landau promises "amazing and cutting-edge digital AVATAR content and interactive experiences from McDonald's coming in Dec." So, uh, take that for what it's worth. [Twitter]

The caveat: I haven't actually watched most of these clips, as I want to retain whatever slight innocence I have about the film until I get to see it. So I can't recommend any one over the other.