/Filmcast Ep 14: Death Race (GUEST: Paul Scheer)

In this episode of the /Filmcast, Dave, Devindra, Hunter, and Adam discuss the pernicious consequences of remakes, despair over the fate of their favorite actors from The Wire, and dissect as many plotholes from Death Race as they possibly can. Special guest Paul Scheer joins us from Human Giant!

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Show Notes


What Have We Watched

  • Paul Scheer (03:40): Footfist Way, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet
  • David Chen (07:37): The Shield
  • Devindra (09:09): Persepolis, Venture Bros finale
  • Adam (12:16):Hamlet 2, CJ7, The Wire, [SHIT MOVIE OF THE WEEK] Prom Night

Film News

Featured Review

  • (55:30) Death Race


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