kingdom hearts 3 trailer

Update: More footage of the Pirates of the Caribbean world has been released in a trailer from the Playstation showcase at E3. See the trailer below.

It’s happening. It’s been 84 years, but we finally have (another) Kingdom Hearts III release date. And we won’t let it go if they change it on us again.

The new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer reveals exciting new worlds from Disney’s latest hit films including Frozen, Tangled, and Wreck-It-Ralph, as well as a sneak peek at Utada Hikaru‘s new theme song for the video game sequel. Hopefully, that will be enough to tide us over as the game gets pushed back once again after being first announced five (!) years ago.

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Shane Black Predator Action Figure

There have been Predator action figures on the market for years now, and NECA has delivered some of the best in recent years, especially with the film’s 30th anniversary passing just last year. But all the action figures have only been variants of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Dutch and the different kinds of Predators we’ve seen over the years from the entire franchise. But that changes this summer.

NECA has announced The Predator director Shane Black will finally be getting his own action figure. No, it’s not like the Guillermo del Toro collectible they’re bringing to San Diego Comic-Con, but instead an action figure of Shane Black’s character Hawkins from the original Predator back in 1987.

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LEGO Hogwarts Express

When the Harry Potter franchise was at the height of popularity, there were plenty of LEGO sets taking advantage of the merchandising opportunity of millions of kids looking for every piece of wizarding world memorabilia they could get their hands on. However, the quality of LEGO sets has increased since then, and it’s time for new Harry Potter LEGO sets that are better than the old ones in every way, including a new LEGO Hogwarts Express. Read More »

City of Lies Trailer

Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker take on one of the most notorious unsolved cases in Los Angeles history: the murder of Biggie Smalls. The Brooklyn-born rapper was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles in 1997, and to this day, no one knows who did it — though plenty of people have a hunch.

One of those people with a hunch is Johnny Depp’s L.A.P.D. detective Russell Poole, looking inexplicably like he suffered from the same botched dye job as Fantastic Beast‘s Grindelwald. But Depp doesn’t have time to fix his eyebrow color! He has a 20-year old murder to solve.

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The LEGO Movie 2 Title

It’s been four years since The LEGO Movie hit theaters and surprised the hell out of everyone by being one of the most original and entertaining animated movies of the year. After the film’s success, a sequel was almost immediately announced, but since this is an animated movie we’re talking about, it’s taken some time to get it off the ground.

Thankfully, the movie is starting to take shape, and we have an official title. Take a look at The LEGO Movie 2 title logo below. Read More »

Han Solo Jacket

Fans have been dressing up as various versions of Han Solo for decades. Whether it’s his classic look from Star Wars, his winter gear from The Empire Strikes Back, his camouflage coat from Return of the Jedi, or his slick leather jacket from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now there will be a few new versions of the charming smuggler entering the cosplay field thanks to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and some new gear will help you get the perfect look.

A brand new Han Solo jacket is now available from the geeky collectibles online shop ThinkGeek that is modeled after Alden Ehrenreich’s jacket from Solo: A Star Wars Story. But if you’re not in the market to dress up like Han Solo, there’s also some new gear that will let you don the slick threads of his buddy Lando Calrissian. Read More »

Incredibles 2 Edna Mode Video

This summer’s release of Incredibles 2 brings back Disney and Pixar’s superhero family after 14 years of being away from the big screen. But no time has passed in Municiberg as the sequel picks up immediately after the final scene of the first film. However, one character that we don’t catch up with immediately is the eccentric superhero fashion designer Edna Mode (voiced by director Brad Bird), but a new video gives us a taste of what she’ll be up to in Incredibles 2. Read More »

The Darkest Minds trailer

Just when you thought the young-adult movie genre was just about to fizzle out, in comes The Darkest Minds. It’s everything you want and need in a YA movie: beautiful teens with inexplicably perfect hair, menacing government corporations, and a weird sci-fi twist. And that twist is superpowers.

Yeah, that teen superhero thing has already been done. Again. And again. But The Darkest Minds does have some impressive names behind it that may elevate it from a tired genre.

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Saturday Night Live Jurassic Park Audition

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, and this past weekend, Saturday Night Live celebrated by uncovering a collection of never-before-seen auditions from a slew of talents back in 1992. Of course, these auditions feature talented cast members like Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Kenan Thompson and host Bill Hader merely putting on their (mostly) best impressions of famous faces from 1992.

This collection of Saturday Night Live Jurassic Park auditions features a surprising number of names with hilarious impressions bringing them to life. They include Alan Alda, Jodie Foster, Hugh Grant, Wesley Snipes, Al Pacino, Whoopi Goldberg and even Sinbad. But there are plenty more names you wouldn’t be expecting in a blockbuster movie like this, which is part of what makes this so damn funny. Read More »

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Saturday Night Live Star Wars Spin-Off Sketch

Last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Charles Barkley was fairly lackluster. Though there were some decent laughs to be had here and there, the episode was mostly a disappointment. However, it could have been vastly improved if a certain pre-recorded sketch was included in the episode.

When Saturday Night Live does dress rehearsal, the episode has more sketches than will fit during the timeslot for the show. After dress rehearsal, it’s determined which sketches need to be cut, whether it’s because they didn’t land well at dress rehearsal or because they just don’t fit in the schedule properly. In this case, we lost a Star Wars sketch with Charles Barkley as a character who doesn’t understand any alien languages, rendering him useless. Read More »