The Flash Has A Speed Force Of Merchandise: McFarlane Action Figures, Nano Suit Ring, Funko POPs & More

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"The Flash" won't race into theaters until June, but before that, you'll be able to snag some exclusive merchandised tied to the superhero movie that has a lot of buzz behind the scenes. Not only has James Gunn described the film as "f***ing amazing" and "one of the best superhero movies" he's ever seen. Perhaps bringing back Michael Keaton as Batman alongside Ezra Miller as multiple Barry Allens has something to do with it. But let's not forget that Ben Affleck is also back as Zack Snyder's version of Batman, and there's a whole new take on Supergirl too. And they're all getting some cool new toys and collectibles for the fans.

Let's take a look at some of "The Flash" merchandise that we're excited to check out soon!

The Flash action figures from McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys has been responsible for giving us some of the best action figures inspired by the DC Multiverse for a little while now. Along with releasing endless figures from the actual comic books, they've also created figures from movies like "Justice League," "Black Adam," "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," and "The Suicide Squad." Now they've turned their attention to "The Flash" to give us the chief characters from the film in the form of 7-inch action figures, including one that we haven't really seen crystal clear in the trailers yet. 

Here's the roster of "The Flash" action figures from McFarlane Toys:

Well, we were already expecting a couple versions of The Flash and Batman, but Dark Flash? What's that about? Well, it turns out there's a horrifying dark version of the Scarlet Speedster (seen above) who looks like he comes from the darkest timeline. This is likely going to end up being the main villain of the film, but so far, the trailers have focused on the vague idea of a threat caused by Barry Allen's time traveling, not to mention teaming up with a new Supergirl and two versions of Batman. 

Each of these figures are available for pre-order at the links above, or you can order them all in a bundle right here.

McFarlane is also bringing Batman's wonderful toys

What would Batman be without his slate of wonderful toys? Of course the Dark Knight is coming back with an assortment of vehicles that will fit the McFarlane Toys action figure line. 

First up, the Batmobile from Tim Burton's "Batman" is making a comeback, albeit with a few cosmetic tweaks here and there. This Batmobile is almost two-feet long, and will fit Michael Keaton's Batman figure right in the driver's seat, complete with canopy that slides open just like the actual vehicle. However, this one may be tricky to get ahold of, as a lot of pre-orders have already sold out. But it should become more readily available as "The Flash" release date gets closer, so just save up $59.99 for when the time comes.

Next, you'll be able to take Batman soaring through the air in his new Batwing, with a wingspan that's nearly three-feet long. This is a huge vehicle that is inspired by the original Batwing from 1989's "Batman," but it's been given a more contemporary makeover. The Batwing also fits Batman (or whatever figure you want to fly it), and it comes with retractable landing gear, an easy to open cockpit, and boosters. This one will set you back a decent amount, because it costs $249.99.

Finally, let's not forget that Batfleck is in this movie, and he's got a new vehicle too. The Batcycle sees some action in "The Flash," so of course McFarlane Toys is giving it a proper collectible. Ben Affleck's Batman can sit on this vehicle, and it has rotating wheels for maximum playability. After all, what would a Batcycle be with stationary wheels? If you're short on cash, this is the best option at just $29.99.

Statuesque superheroes

If you're not the action figure type, but you'd like to see The Flash and Michael Keaton's Batman on your shelf, McFarlane Toys also has a trio of 12-inch statues. 

Michael Keaton gets a pair of statues, one where he's fully suited up, and another where he's dropped the cowl, revealing the gray hair of the slightly aged Caped Crusader. But both of the statues are ready for a fight.

Of course, we also have Barry Allen as The Flash, streaking as fast as he can with lightning sparking around him. We're not sure why he doesn't get an unmasked version. Maybe Ezra Miller's head isn't quite as in-demand as Michael Keaton.

You can get the statues for $39.99 each, or you can buy a bundle with all three of them for $99.99. There's also a bundle that includes all of the McFarlane action figures, vehicles, and statues, which you can order right here.

Supergirl is a doll, literally!

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the official Barbie doll version of Sasha Calle as Supergirl!

Kara Zor-El is decked out in the trademark blue and red suit, complete with the iconic S-symbol upon her chest. Supergirl also comes with a red cape, a doll stand for posing, and an official Certificate of Authenticity.

Whether you're a Barbie collector or you've got a kid who loves to play with action figures and dolls, this is the perfect addition to any collection. You can pre-order it now for $55 at Mattel.

The Flash Funko POPs

It wouldn't be a superhero movie if there weren't a whole new array of Funko POPs. Thankfully, Funko isn't just giving us a bunch of different versions of The Flash and Batman in different poses. Instead, each Funko POP has a distinct look from each other.

In the Instagram post above from Funko, you'll see that there's The Flash looking like a '90s skateboarder in a homemade suit for his rapid running. But he's also got his trademark red suit from previous movies, as well his sleek new suit. Plus, there's a more stylized, glow-in-the-dark version with The Flash running and lightning shooting around him, as well as a Funko POP Movie Moment where he appears to be saving a bunch of falling babies from outside of a hospital window. For some laughs, you can also get a version of Barry Allen suited up in some kind of monkey robe. 

Then we have a variety of Batman Funko POPs. The Ben Affleck version of Batman only gets one fully suited up Funko POP figure, but Michael Keaton gets a few. There's the standard Keaton version of Batman in his trademark suit, and another where he's removed his cowl. For those who like variants, there's also a Diamond Collection version of Keaton in his full suit. But perhaps the best version of Batman is the one situated in the new Batwing as a Funko POP Ride.

Even though she's not included in the above post for some reason, Sasha Calle's Supergirl is also getting an official Funko POP, and so is Dark Flash. And for the franchise completists out there, General Zod, Wonder Woman, and Iris West are also included in the collection. 

You can order all of these Funko POPs right now through the Funko shop and other online retailers.

The Flash races into Christmas

Hallmark always has a new collection of Keepsake Ornaments inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows, and this year, The Flash gets a new ornament who will run circles around your Christmas tree. Inspired by the newest version of Barry Allen's suit that will be seen in "The Flash," the character will add more DC Comics flare to your Christmas tree. You'll notice that the eyes are totally yellow, acting as the goggles built into the suit to keep the rushing wind out of Barry's eyes.

The ornament won't be available until July, at a cost of $19.99, but you can bookmark it on Hallmark's site to purchase when the time comes.

The Flash emblem pin and ring

If you're a fan of collecting items that act as prop replicas from the movies, then this accessory set from Salesone is the item for you. Limited to just 10,000, this collectible set available exclusively at GameStop and EB Games contains both a large 4-inch pin of the emblem featured on The Flash's chest, complete with magnets that will keep it secured to any shirt, as well as the ring that contains his suit. The ring even opens up, though it doesn't contain the Scarlet Speedster's suit. That would cost infinitely more than the $75 it will cost to pre-order the pin and ring set slated to be released in May.

The Flash: The Official Visual Companion

Finally, if you just want to know as many behind-the-scenes details about "The Flash," Insight Editions is publishing "The Flash: The Official Visual Companion: The Scarlet Speedster from Page to Screen." Though it's unlikely to recount the stop-and-go development of "The Flash" over the years, which you can read all about right here, it will dive into plenty of details that we haven't heard from the production yet. Here's the official synopsis for the book:

Keep pace with The Fastest Man Alive with this compendium of facts and incredible images from the Super Hero's first appearance in comics and TV to the upcoming landmark film debut! The Flash™: The Official Visual Companion satisfies your need for speed on every page, covering the entire history of The Flash and featuring making-of details and behind-the-scenes profiles of the characters, locations, and artifacts seen on screen. Interviews with key cast and crew members offer a one-of-a-kind look at the creation of the highly anticipated new film. It's the perfect gift for every Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wally West fan.

  • DETAILED HISTORY: Follow the history of the iconic superhero from his first appearance in the 1940's comics to 2023's upcoming solo film, The Flash
  • GO BEHIND THE SCENES: Features never-before-seen images, interviews, insights, and more from The Flash
  • STUNNING ART AND IMAGES: Photos from the comic series, television show, and film and gorgeous illustrations capture the fast-paced world of The Flash for a closer look!
  • FAVORITE MOMENTS SPOTLIGHTED: Revisit the comic series, television show, and movie's most iconic scenes, from super-speed action to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman
  • EXPLORE COSTUMES, SETS, AND EFFECTS: Recall comic book origins and discover how the 2023 film's unique look came to life

You can pre-order the book right now for $34.99.

If you want to get a look at a whole bunch of other memorabilia inspired by "The Flash," BoxLunch also has a big collection of gear, and you can head over to the DC Shop online for t-shirts, mugs, blankets, and much more that will be unveiled starting on April 24.