Rabbit Hole Trailer: Kiefer Sutherland Is Back In Another Espionage TV Series

It's another action series for Kiefer Sutherland, and honestly, good for us. We know it's what he does best. The "24" alum will star in a new Paramount+ series called "Rabbit Hole" — and the thriller's second trailer has just been released.

In the sneak peek, we become immersed in another action thriller in which a spy tackles disinformation and the overarching powers of government in the throes of a fight for American democracy. The trailer does well to keep you mostly in the dark aside from the show's general gist, but it seems that will aid in the intrigue they're setting up. The first look is an intense, fast-paced thrill, so it looks like no matter what, it'll be fun to jump down the rabbit hole of "Rabbit Hole."

According to the streamer, the official synopsis reads, "Private espionage operative John Weir finds himself in the midst of a battle over the preservation of democracy in a world at odds with misinformation, behavioral manipulation, the surveillance state and the interests that control these extraordinary powers."

Watch the Rabbit Hole trailer

Sutherland is arguably best known for his turn as Jack Bauer in the 2001 hit series "24," which ran until 2010 and was later revived in 2014 for a final season. That show — which played out as a 24-hour period over the course of 24 episodes each season — was a goldmine for action fans, and Sutherland made a name for himself in the genre through the show. It was a massive hit, despite its controversies here and there, so much so that it returned for that final season several years after its end.

Bauer was a counter-terrorist agent working with the FBI, so Sutherland's new character is a bit different as far as his skill set and motives. But one thing is for sure: He's probably going to be just as tactical and smart, and, of course, ready for a fight. This new character seems like the type to keep things a bit closer to the chest. After all, there's major stakes in this new series. 

Alongside Sutherland, Charles Dance, Meta Golding, Enid Graham, Jason Butler Harner, Rob Yang, and Walt Klink round out the supporting cast. Sutherland also executive produces alongside writer-directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who are best known for "This Is Us." Charlie Gogolak, Suzan Bymel, and Hunt Baldwin also executive produce.

"Rabbit Hole" will be available to stream in the United States on March 26, 2023, and the next day in the rest of the countries where Paramount+ is available.