Linoleum Trailer: Jim Gaffigan Flexes His Dramatic Chops In This Quirky And Lovely Indie

Jim Gaffigan is best known for his comedic antics, whether it's on the stand-up stage or as a myriad of supporting characters in films like "Going the Distance" or shows like "Bob's Burgers." Every now and then, Gaffigan digs into more dramatic territory with films like "Chappaquiddick" and "Light from Light," but you've never seen the comedian in a role that resonates as emotionally as his performance in the upcoming indie "Linoleum."

A selection from the 2022 South by Southwest Film Festival, "Linoleum" finds Gaffigan playing Cameron, an astronomer who once dreamed of being an astronaut but settled for creating and hosting "Above and Beyond," a Bill Nye-esque educational program that isn't exactly rolling in the high ratings, largely thanks to its midnight timeslot. But Cameron is about to get a boost of ambition after his wife (Rhea Seehorn) asks for a divorce, he loses his show to PBS where a real astronaut replaces him as host, and a satellite crash-lands in his backyard, forcing his family to relocate to his sister-in-law's house. That'd probably light a fire under anyone's ass. 

What follows is a quirky, perplexing, but ultimately beautiful and lovely film where the ending completely changes everything. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, let's check out the trailer.

Watch the Linoleum trailer with Jim Gaffigan

"Linoleum" is one of those movies that might seem odd simply for the sake of it, complete with a narrative that appears to meander at times. But trust me when I say that everything you see is in service of a greater story that only truly comes into focus by the time the credits roll. As I wrote in my review from SXSW last year, "'Linoleum' is much more than meets the eye, and as the film wades into its final 15 minutes or so, you'll find yourself overwhelmed by an emotional revelation that not only clears up any lingering fog from the story's puzzling evolution but really pulls at the heartstrings with a wonderfully woven tapestry of life and love."

If that doesn't do it for you, maybe this blurb will change your mind:

At times, the film calls to mind the mesmerizing, oddball nature of Paul Thomas Anderson, such as when a classic red Corvette suddenly comes smashing down in the middle of a quiet, sun-drenched suburb as Cameron sends off an application to NASA. There's also a touch of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" director Michel Gondry, both in the makeshift creation of Cameron's "Above and Beyond" TV show and in the film's dreamy conclusion. All of this is enhanced by a synth-infused, cosmic score by Mark Hadley, giving the story a surreal-like quality.

At the very least, you should give this movie a shot for Jim Gaffigan, who is truly outstanding in this film. You'll notice a quote in the trailer from "Slash Films" (yes, that's us, albeit with the wrong name) praising what is undoubtedly a "career-best performance" from the actor, and I hope that makes people curious enough to seek this movie out when it arrives next month. 

"Linoleum" arrives in select theaters on February 24, 2023.