You Season 4 Release Date, Cast, & More About Netflix's Serial Stalker Show

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Get ready for more blood, books, and bad ways to tend to a relationship. Netflix is soon releasing the next chapter of its wildly popular serial killer romance drama "You," which follows the obsessive pursuits of one Joe Goldberg on his quest to land the love of his dreams through any means necessary. Joe fancies himself a bit of a hopeless romantic, but our protagonist's charisma hides an underlying streak of stalking, murdering, and taking on the role of an extremely unreliable narrator. Last time we saw Joe, he had just ended his tumultuous relationship with fellow murderer and manipulator Love Quinn in the only way that Joe knows how to break up. Permanently rid of his life in the northern California tech suburb of Madre Linda, he left his son with his co-worker at the library and fled to Paris to begin anew. But wait! Previews of season 4 show Joe hanging out in London, surrounded by both the literature nerdom he so adores and the posh social media influencers he so despises.

When and Where to Watch You Season 4

Netflix is releasing the fourth season of its hit thriller series "You" just in time for Valentine's Day 2023, a day earlier than the previously announced debut date of Friday, February 10, 2023. Initially, the streaming giant had announced the dates for the show's newest season at its annual Tudum event. However, a Thanksgiving Tweet confirmed that Netflix will instead release the first half of the season on Thursday, February 9, 2023, and, in a move that is becoming increasingly common for the streamer's biggest shows, wait a month until releasing the second half of season 4 on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

The Cast of You Season 4

The season's teaser trailer explains that across the pond, Joe is "focusing on academia and instruction" and keeping his "typical extracurricular activities strictly professional." Obviously, Joe can't keep his obsessions at bay, and it looks as if he'll start falling for art gallery director Kate (Charlotte Ritchie of BBC's "Ghosts" and "Fresh Meat"). In typical "You" fashion, that means contending with her social circle, all comprised of people unlucky enough to enter Joe's jealous, murderous orbit.

These doomed souls include Kate's best friend, the blue-blooded tabloid star Lady Phoebe, (Tilly Keeper of "EastEnders"), as well as her American expat boyfriend Adam (Lukas Gage of "The White Lotus"), who seems to be on to Joe's schemes despite his very messy public life. Kate is also dating literature professor Malcolm (Stephen Hagan of "Stan Lee's Lucky Man"), whose brash attitude and competitive career position will most likely put him on a dangerous path with Joe. There's also a cast of characters who are a part of the prestigious community of academic literature, such as rival students Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman of "Ackley Bridge") and Edward (Brad Alexander), as well as author/politician Rhys (Ed Speleers of "Outlander"). To top it all off, Tati Gabrielle is returning to play Marienne Bellamy, Joe's previous obsession who he fled to Paris in pursuit of. 

If all this sounds too familiar, Badgley has stated that "the next season could be quite different" and that there will be "a different format" that will be "shifting the genre slightly." One thing's for sure: England isn't looking too jolly.