Tony Gilroy Is Just As Involved In Andor Season 2 As He Was For Season 1 [Exclusive]

We've made it through the first season of arguably the best offering in the "Star Wars" universe for a very long time, "Andor." The storytelling, while set in the world we're so familiar with after decades of fandom, is a fantastic espionage thriller even without the Stormtroopers. The performances are incredible, and it doesn't feel like fan service — unless you count giving fans a "Star Wars" series that is so good that it's bringing back even the most jaded. It's almost heartbreaking that there is only one more season left. As you likely know, season 2 of "Andor" will lead right into "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," and we all know what happens next. 

/Film's own Ryan Scott recently spoke to creator Tony Gilroy in the lead-up to the season 1 finale. Gilroy, of course, wrote "Rogue One," as well as five episodes of the first season of "Andor." He executive produced them all as well. Season 2 began filming on Monday, November 21, 2022, right before Thanksgiving week, and Scott asked Gilroy about his involvement, whether he'll direct any episodes, and how much he'll be on the ground with the next iteration.

'The showrunner job, it's like you're directing the directors'

As it turns out, Gilroy will have his hands on everything ... except directing. He's got a good reason for it. 

"I'm here. I'm doing what I did. I'm doing exactly what I did last season. It sounds weird, but I'm literally too busy to direct. The showrunner job, it's like you're directing the directors. You're directing everything. There's two directors here now, and one starts shooting on Monday, and one is prepping for February. There's just an incredible amount of things that need to be done all the time. My time is better served doing other things. 

"Also, the show is better served by having directors who come in who are really ambitious, and greedy, and want to push it past the point that I might take it. They're doing a better job than I would."

There is something to be said for not taking on more than you can. Obviously, it's been working very well. Not only that, but while Gilroy says he's "responsible for everything," including music, actors, and more, he says that "on the set, it's their set," referring to the directors. "By the time we get there, we've talked over every minute of every moment of every scene." 

The fact that every detail is poured over is very clear from the finished product. The second season will be released sometime in 2024. 

"Andor" season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+.