Cassian Andor Experiences Another Tragedy On The Beach In Andor Episode 11

This article contains spoilers for the 11th episode of "Andor."

"Andor" is no stranger to alluding to the future of its characters, but it's never been so poignant as it is in episode 11, entitled "Daughter of Ferrix." A prequel to "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," the Disney+ series carries over the distinct gritty tone and sense of urgency of the original "Star Wars" trilogy predecessor almost effortlessly. More than anything, "Andor" is a grounded look at some of the most harrowing moments in "Star Wars" history. It also carries the unique quality of featuring a character who we know dies shortly after the events of the two-season show. The journey is always much more interesting than the destination, but the latest episode makes an emotional parallel to Cassian Andor's eventual fate after a tragedy hits close to home.

Up until this point, it seemed inevitable that Cassian (Diego Luna) would lose the only family member he had left. His adoptive mother, Maarva Andor (Fiona Shaw), has been a vital part of his upbringing and the only thing tethering him to Ferrix. However, in the 11th episode, Maarva passed away on her homeworld without her adopted son at her side. And by the time Cassian found out, the relief of escaping the prison complex quickly washed away like the sand on the beach he stood on.

A stranded orphan

In this episode, it's revealed that Maarva died on Ferrix off-screen. In response, the town mourns her death, especially her trusted droid B2EMO. Of course, Cassian is not present. It takes the entirety of the episode for Cassian to get back to the vacation resort on Niamos, but when he does, he finds himself on the very same beach where he was arrested. Then, Cassian takes the time to make a phone call to let Maarva know he's fine, noting that "she'd be proud of me." He is more motivated than ever until he receives the tragic news of his mother's passing. The scene shifts into what is essentially a visual replica of the final sequence in "Rogue One," where the titular character stares off into the unknown waters of the ocean with Jyn Erso at his side.

The scene foreshadows his eventual fate, however, it also sets up his future as a full-fledged rebel. While several parties look to exploit the death of Maarva to get to Cassian, the moment serves as a turning point in his story. "Andor" has been slowly picking away at the rebel buried deep inside Cassian, but now is the time for a full fledged march towards rebellion. And the parallel drawn with "Rogue One" is one that speaks to his personal journey and tragic past.

The final beach

"Rogue One" featured an ending unlike in any other "Star Wars" film to date. After a high-stakes battle on Scarif to secure the plans for the Death Star, the main heroes met their end. In the film's final moments, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian embraced each other as the beach they stood on got annihilated by a blast from the Death Star. The tragedy is meant to bolster the rebellion's chances at defeating the Empire, and it's representative of the long journey that started long before the events of "Rogue One." The exact location is not revisited in "Andor," but the beach setting and the cinematography create an undoubtedly intentional echo of that conclusion.

The beach serves as a means to emphasize the tragedy of Cassian's life, but also the triumphs that come with it. That emotional moment, knowing what lies ahead for the character, will be a defining one for Cassian. Maarva was a rebel until her very last moments, and like it or not, Cassian has headed in that direction as well. At the very least, Cassian's story reached its end in a victorious manner, honoring the rebellious nature of his past and present. It's what Maarva would've wanted, no doubt.

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