David Harbour Thinks Hopper Deserves Peace In Stranger Things ... But Isn't So Sure He'll Get It

Jim Hopper (David Harbour) has gone through the wringer over the course of 4 seasons of "Stranger Things." The man lost his daughter, carried out the ultimate sacrifice, and went through literal hell while being locked up in a Russian prison for months. Season 4 of the show ended on a note of hope for Hopper after he gets rescued by Joyce (Winona Ryder) and reunites with El (Millie Bobby Brown). However, Hawkins is currently on the verge of an apocalypse, and season 5 might or might not guarantee a good time for poor Hopper, at least according to David Harbour.

Harbour spoke to Total Film about Hopper's fate in the final season of "Stranger Things" for the magazine's December 2022 issue (available for sale on November 10, 2022). The actor talked about having "some idea of the shape and structure" of the final season, although a full script has not been made available to him yet. While talking about the concept of complex morality in the show, Harbour mused whether Hopper will be able to get the peace he deserves:

"I certainly think that Hopper is someone who's been through a lot. I think he deserves peace, so I'd like to see that achieved. But the real question you have to ask yourself is: are the Duffers Dickensian? Or are they Kafka-esque? Do they [the Duffer Brothers] believe in the big turkey dinner at the end of 'A Christmas Carol?' I wonder myself, you know? I'm very curious to see how it unfolds."

While it is unclear whether the Duffer brothers will take a Dickensian or Kafkaesque route to Hopper's eventual fate, they certainly do believe in doling out unfair character deaths, which will hopefully not be the case for season 5.

Vecna, please leave Jim Hopper alone

The concept of "fundamental morality" that Harbour talks about (which essentially means that characters should get what they deserve), is an arbitrary phenomenon in the world of "Stranger Things." Although some characters are rightfully punished or vindicated, others suffer fates that they clearly do not deserve. For instance, Max (Sadie Sink) is currently in a coma and has been rendered blind, and her close brush with death could mean more tragedy for her character. Similarly, Eddie (Joseph Quinn) is still considered a villain in Hawkins, even after he died heroically to save the town. Eddie Munson, being the sweet person he was, clearly deserved better.

Keeping these character fates in mind, will the Duffers be willing to give Hopper the peace he deserves? As explained by Harbour, Hopper has undergone immense trauma throughout his life and deserves to be happy with his loved ones. However, now that Vecna is out to mold humanity to his will, he will try his best to hurt those closest to Eleven. Hopper, being Hopper, is also expected to put up a fight and put his life on the line to save the kids. Could something go terribly wrong in the meanwhile? While it is possible that Hopper will make it out alive, he might end up losing someone close to him. One can hope that he, at the very least, gets to take Joyce out on that date they've been planning for a while.

Anyhow, I'm also curious to see how season 5 of "Stranger Things," especially Hopper's fate, will unfold in the end.