Saturday Night Live Exposes Amy Schumer's Weird Alone Time Habits In The Watcher Parody

Fans of "Saturday Night Live" know at this point that the show loves doing parodies of horror movies in particular. "SNL" made headlines with its 2018 sketch mixing the premise of "A Quiet Place" with Kanye's pro-Trump turn, and when it reimagined a slasher movie as if it were directed by Wes Anderson. Last night's Amy Schumer-hosted episode continued the tradition with a sketch parodying Netflix's new hit series "The Watcher," the Ryan Murphy-run show (based on a chilling true story) about a family who find themselves stalked by a mysterious, threatening stranger.

"The Looker" depicts a perfectly happy family moving into a new neighborhood, with Amy Schumer playing the loving mother, James Austin Johnson playing the father, Chloe Fineman playing their teenage daughter, and freshman cast member Marcella Hernandez playing the teenage son. The sketch starts with the same horror premise as the Netflix show, but the tone quickly get derailed by the realization that the Looker's observations about the mother are a little different from his observations of the rest of the family. 

'It's so weird that all my stuff is clearly made up.'

"After everyone's asleep, she goes to the kitchen and eats an entire second dinner," the letter reads. Talking to the father, it continues, "I hope you enjoy your morning jogs around the neighborhood — I know your wife does. After you leave, she gets a snack, turns on the TV, and pleasures herself to the Property Brothers."

You read that right: "The Property Brothers," that reality show about two brothers who flip houses together. As to why Schumer's character is so into that show, the Looker can only speculate. "Is it the brothers or the property?" he asks, in a tone that is no longer menacing but just sort of confused and concerned.

As these sketches tend to go, things only escalate from there, with the wife's secrets getting more over-the-top while she continues to insist the Looker is making it all up. It's a weird, raunchy sketch; it's something you probably won't enjoy if you're not already a fan of Schumer's general style of comedy, but it still seems to be one of the best-received sketches of the night for "SNL" fans. The "Live From New York" subreddit has a sketch-ranking thread every Sunday after a new episode, and "The Watcher" is one of the most upvoted so far. Then again, Schumer has always been a pretty strong host for "SNL," so it's not a surprise she's starred in one of the most memorable sketches of the new season so far. 

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