Henry Cavill Says He Held On To Superman Very Gently In His Heart

Superman is back, baby! As you know if you saw "Black Adam," Henry Cavill returned to the role in a mid-credits cameo. Not only that, but there is more Cavill Superman in our future. This means a lot to fans, of course, but for Cavill, this is a big deal as well. The actor, whose film "Enola Holmes 2" comes out on Netflix today, recently spoke about his return to Supes on Deadline's The Film That Lit My Fuse video series.

Cavill first appeared as the DC superhero in 2013's "Man of Steel," directed by Zack Snyder, then again in 2016's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," 2017's "Justice League," and, of course, the 2021 Snyder cut of the later film. Though some of us became fans of his work in the TV series "The Tudors" before "Man of Steel," his turn as Superman made him a household name. With all the reshuffling over at Warner Bros. Pictures in recent days, fans wondered if we'd see him again in his red cape. Okay, maybe most of us stopped wondering when Dwayne Johnson practically told fans that he'd be in "Black Adam" and that the whole point of the film was to see him go up against Johnson's antihero, but now it's official. The news goes along with the other Warner Bros./DC revelation that James Gunn and producer Peter Safran are set to lead the DC film, television, and animation division.

'I didn't know whether I would have the opportunity to play it again'

Cavill recently teased that his return to the role will tell an "enormously joyful" story, which just sounds delightful after some darker DC offerings. Cavil says in the video series:

"It was something which I had to very gently hold onto in my heart, because I didn't know whether I would have the opportunity to play it again ... [But] the opportunity was very important to get again, and I'm very, very lucky and feel very privileged to have that opportunity now."

Whether you are a fan of the Snyder films or not, it's hard to argue that Cavill's heartfelt performance as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman was anything but lovely. Sir, a lot of us held it in our hearts as well. Cavil goes on to say of the character:

"There's something so true and honest and hopeful, which is the best of all of us, and I love that. I think it's the thing which we all truly yearn for, deep, deep down, which is goodness, and everyone else being good, and good to one another, and helping one another. Even at our most cynical, I think that deep down, that's what we want."

You know, Batman might be the hero we deserve (which is absolutely not a diss on Batman, by the way), but Superman is the hero we hope for; someone who is pure and good and knows the right thing to do.