Andor's Faye Marsay Hopes Vel Sartha Helps To Normalize LGBTQ+ Representation [Exclusive]

"Star Wars," much like other Disney-owned franchises, tends to hype up its LGBTQ+ representation a bit too much. While it is nice to know that same-sex relationships exist in the franchise, seeing two faceless characters kiss in the background of a scene isn't exactly revolutionary. Having an established character — perhaps even multiple — be explicitly queer while not leaning their characterization solely on that trait is much better representation than what we have been given so far.

That is exactly the type of character Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay) has been in "Andor," the latest "Star Wars" series that has received praise for being unlike any other entry in the franchise so far. As we've seen throughout the series, Vel is a highly capable rebel fighter with a complicated past and a wishy-washy relationship with Cassian. It also just so happens that she's in a relationship with fellow rebel Cinta Kaz (Varada Sethu), one communicated through hand touches and devastating lines like, "You love me because I show you what you need to see."

When asked by /Film's Ethan Anderton what playing the character meant to her, Marsay recounted the obvious. Many people, even those in outer space, are LGBTQ+, and it's important to affirm this normalcy.

"It's just there because it's always been there," Marsay said. "It will always be there and it always has been there. People love who they love, and I think it's important that we don't forget that, and we just normalize the normal."

'It means so much to so many'

Something that the subsection of fans unfortunately known as "The Fandom Menace" seems to rally against is, you guessed it, representation. It seems like every time a character that isn't a straight white male is developed beyond standard archetypes, they are the first ones to claim the franchise is going "woke."

Despite how loud these fans can be, there are so many more that find hope within "Star Wars" and see it as the life-affirming piece of media it is meant to be. Anyone can be a hero, and anyone can make a difference, whether you're a Jedi or a space-faring rebel. Marsay explained to /Film that this message is precisely why it's important that more "Star Wars" characters represent the LGBTQ+ community.

"I think 'Star Wars' is a great platform for [normalizing LGBTQ+ relationships] because it means so much to so many," she said. "Let's not forget the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community have gone through and are going through still to this day. That's really important to remember, but also, let's normalize the normal."

What Vel and Cinta are doing on "Andor" is normalizing. While the two have yet to kiss, they have been seen fantasizing about each other, holding hands, expressing their deepest worries about their respective fates, and so many other things that couples in this universe, as well as ours, do. These small yet poignant signs mean so much more than a simple background embrace.

"Andor" is streaming on Disney+.