Why Henry Cavill Chose That Suit For Superman's Black Adam Return

The madman did it. Dwayne Johnson brought back Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel in "Black Adam," changing the hierarchy of the DC Universe for good. After years of speculation and an endless rumor mill, it seemed a clear path to the actor being Superman again was possibly lost before the latest DC film. And yet, Cavill has confirmed he is here to say in the DCU once and for all. Another chaotic leadership shakeup for Warner Bros. has led the way for "Black Adam" to mark Cavill's return to the big screen. And there's no better way to celebrate the occasion than by honoring the character's rebooted debut from 2013.

The glorious moment arrived at the mid-credits scene in "Black Adam," where Cavill arrives at Kahndaq to confront its newly-crowned protector, Black Adam. And Superman has rarely looked as good as he does in here, sporting his signature threads while lighting up the screen with a newfound sense of color. It was not only a satisfying moment for fans of the character, but Cavill found himself feeling nostalgic putting on the "Man of Steel" suit. It is the best Superman costume ever put to screen, after all.

'A very powerful moment'

Cavill participated in a live recording of the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Variety) to talk shop about the exciting sequence. According to the actor, he gravitated towards the suit he wore in "Man of Steel," instead of another version, for a few reasons:

"I went to Warner Bros.' studio in the UK and got back in the suit. It was a very powerful moment for me. I wasn't sure how I would feel...whether it would be something very emotionally connective because I put the "Man of Steel" suit back on. I chose that one in particular because of the nostalgia attached to the suit. It was important for me to be standing there and enjoying that moment. That is one of the top moments in my career. It feels great to have the opportunity to wear it again."

Going back to basics never felt so new and inspiring. Although some fans have gripes with "Man of Steel" (it's the best Superman film, in my opinion), the costume is hard to argue against. It does not sport the red trunks, but everything else about it screams Superman. Appropriately modern, the costume has just enough detail and color to push it past previous iterations without losing the essence of the character. And thankfully, the symbol on the chest does indeed stand for hope.

Hope was always there

Although we're being promised an "enormously joyful" version of Superman, "Man of Steel" always harbored hope within its gritty, morally gray world. The subsequent follow-ups strayed from the path and brought down the old DCEU with them, but Superman was always the shining light we wanted more of. But to be honest, it really did seem like Cavill's time under the sun was finished before the recent news of his return. The old regime in WB did not seem to gel with him, so it was difficult to imagine a scenario where Cavill could casually make his return (and not just the lower half of his body, like in "Shazam!").

Cavill never lost hope, though: "I told myself I'm gonna let it sit and simmer in the background. I never lost hope, that was the key for me." Suffice it to say, I'm glad he didn't. The DCU is at a defining moment, and it needs all the hope it can get. The grand return of Superman on the big screen warrants more than a mid-credits scene, but it'll have to do for now.

The glorious cameo can be seen in "Black Adam" in theaters across the world.