Keegan-Michael Key And Jordan Peele's Reunion For Wendell & Wild Was Like 'Riding A Bike'

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are probably the greatest comedic duo of their generation. Their chemistry, humor, and visual storytelling is unparalleled, with a unique brand of humor and a dynamic that feels as if they've been performing together their whole lives. Though their time apart as individual filmmakers has resulted in Jordan Peele becoming a horror maestro with some of the best horror movies of all time, and Keegan-Michael Key acting in some phenomenal projects, any time the duo reunites is a cause for celebration.

Which is part of the reason why "Wendell & Wild" is such an exciting title. The stop-motion animation film marks the triumphant return of Henry Selick, a punk-rock movie about a teenage girl in a boarding school who discovers she can command two demons (the titular Wendell and Wild) to do her bidding. As Sarah Milner writes in her "Wendell & Wild" review for /FIlm, "'Wendell & Wild' is a triumph — in terms of animation, of representation, and of being very, very fun to watch."

Indeed, "Wendell & Wild" is not only fun, but you can also feel Jordan Peele's touch as a co-writer, as the film dives into some poignant social issues in addition to delivering the spooky goods.

As for Key and Peele getting back together? It was as if no time had passed.

Like riding a bike

In an interview with EW out of the Toronto International Film Festival, Key and Peele talk about reuniting for the film, with Key comparing it to having "a dance partner for years and years and years," then coming back to learn a new routine. "But then you know you're not gonna do the routine again for another five months ... It's that riding-a-bike feeling," he said. "There is a real connection and there are times when it gets downright symbiotic. It was just locking those pieces in again."

Even if it's just their voices, the chemistry between the two comedians is palpable. Though they didn't do full improvised lines of dialogue, Selick told /Film during a set visit earlier this year that the duo put their own spin on the dialogue.

"It was just so magical. We have some improv here and there. No complete riffs. More like a better way to say something, or adding something that wasn't the script that just suddenly makes it all funnier. But there's a lot. If you close your eyes and just heard the voices, you get really inspired."

Brotherly love

You can see that collaborative energy in the film, with the titular Wendell and Wild feeling like a continuation of their "Prepared for Terries" sketch. Even if we don't spend that much time with them, you get the feeling that there is a long history between the two. As Key told EW, the two found the key elements of the characters' relationship as the script evolved during development.

"They are brothers, so I just had to make sure how much would my character be similar to Jordan's character and how much would be diametrically opposed. Eventually, I came to this place where Wendell's the big brother. Wherever there is a peak for Wild, there's a valley for Wendell."

Of course, a Key and Peele reunion of any kind brings talk of more. Though they wouldn't reveal any specifics, Peele teased that conversations could easily happen. "The beauty of it is it keeps bringing us together to have that conversation," Peele says. "Just a half hour ago we were reminiscing and saying, 'Who knows?'"

"Wendell & Wild" premieres on Netflix October 28.