Andor Episode 7 Shows Cassian Has Always Been A Rebel, Even If He Tries Not To Be

Spoilers follow for the seventh episode of "Andor."

"Andor" is slowly nurturing the journey of its titular character that will inevitably arrive at the events of "Rogue One," but we're already seeing signs of a rebellion in Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). Arriving at the midpoint of its first season, we've seen the mercenary-for-hire fight for the rebel cause with mixed results. However, despite his resistance, Andor will never shake the feeling of wanting to strike back at the oppressive forces that have been present in his life since childhood. A scene in the latest episode sheds light on his previous acts against the Empire, with an act of aggression that clearly indicates the heart of a rebel resides in Andor. 

Andor is more than capable of fighting back against the Empire headfirst and not just for some credits. He assisted the rebel faction in Aldhani, and while there are hints of him caring about the cause, monetary wealth to fund a clean escape from prosecution was his primary motivation at the end of the day. His future as a rebel has already been determined, but the journey started long before the events of "Andor" or its predecessor, "Rogue One." Cassian once sought revenge against the Empire after the death of his adoptive father.

A rebel with a cause

During his brief visit to Ferrix, Cassian walks down memory lane while planning to leave in the morning for good. As Stormtroopers march along his neighborhood, we get a glimpse of what happened to Clem Andor (Gary Beadle) before the events of the series. We learn via flashback that Cassian witnessed his adoptive father being gunned down by the Empire. The moment lives freely in Cassian's headspace, who later reminisces about taking action against those who killed Clem. 

While Maarva Andor (Fiona Shaw) tells Cassian her intentions of joining the Rebel Alliance in her old age, the audience is treated to flashes of a young Cassian charging a group of Clone Troopers with nothing but a blunt weapon. Of course, it can be assumed the act of rebellion did not exactly work in his favor. However, it's a telling sequence in Cassian's life where he took action in response to the personal damage caused by the Empire. It may seem like he only cares to fight back if he is personally affected by the machine, but we already know everyone has their own reason to be a rebel. 

Once a rebel, always a rebel

Although Cassian decides to venture off Ferrix to a distant vacation planet, one thing is clear: the rebel inside Cassian lives on. His hesitance to fight for a more present cause should soon subside. After seeing his sister Kerri and adoptive father Clem get killed by the Empire, Cassian's life has led to the moment of eventual retaliation. The momentary bliss of his newfound riches is short-lived, proving that, no matter the circumstance, he'll always live under the shadow of his oppressor unless he does something about it.

Andor's imprisonment at the end of the episode may become the awakening he needs to fully buy into the good fight. Perhaps he'll take a peek at Nemik's manifestos while serving time for a crime he didn't even commit. But whatever catapults him into the center of the rebellion will be a result of a lifelong struggle against the Empire. The first half of "Andor" tells the story of a reluctant mercenary in it for the money, and the second could finally unveil Cassian as a full-fledged freedom fighter.

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