Mammals Trailer: James Corden's New Series Promises The Gift Of Sally Hawkins

James Corden may be leaving "The Late Late Show" in 2023, but he's certainly keeping himself busy. In his next venture, "Mammals," Corden stars in a new comedy-drama series for Prime Video, which is shockingly not also a secret musical. Those most familiar with him for his "Carpool Karaoke" stunts may be shocked to see Corden in an entirely different form, as a grieving chef willing to throw hands and take a headbutt if the situation calls for it. Prime Video released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming series Monday, which doesn't give us a lot to work with other than some evocative imagery and Corden providing a laundry list of words to describe his current relationship. The therapist asked for three and he gave, well, a lot more than three.

Corden plays a man named Jamie, who after learning the secrets of his pregnant wife Amandine (Melia Kreiling), feels his world completely fall apart at the seams. Desperate for answers to explain his imploding marriage, Jamie looks for help from his brother-in-law Jeff (Colin Morgan), who begins to have questions about his own marriage to Jamie's sister Lue (Sally Hawkins), the deeper he gets into his examination of Jamie and Amandine's relationship. Prime Video describes the series as a look into the complexity of modern marriage and fidelity once revelations and secrets come to life, asking, "in a world of 8 billion, what happens after we've found 'the one?'"

Watch the Mammals trailer

Written by two-time Olivier and Tony Award winner Jez Butterworth, "Mammals" gets its name from the idea that regardless of the conscious decisions we make as humans to be faithful and stay true to our promises, we're all just mammals at the end of the day. The series is directed by Stephanie Laing ("Made for Love," "Physical"), and is produced by Street Hassle, in association with Vertigo Films and Fulwell 73. Prime also describes the series as featuring "sadness, grief, tension, love, friendship, betrayal, and a touch of magical realism." It's the latter that piqued my interest the most, because if "The Shape of Water" and "Paddington" films have taught me anything, it's that Sally Hawkins is best with a hefty helping of magical realism.

As Corden's Jamie goes down the list to describe his relationship, little snippets of scenes are shown to enhance the chosen word. Confusion sees him shaking hands with an older man while looking unsure, anger brings a headbutt from a chef chopping vegetables, disbelief features his wife saying, "I mean, it's only sex," and fury shows him winding back to deliver a punch. His words quicken, as do the scenes in question, with him screaming "love is impossible" shortly after he describes his relationship as "trauma." I don't know, maybe at that point you should just get a divorce.

"Mammals" debuts on Prime Video beginning November 11, 2022.