Mondo's 2022 Hellraiser Vinyl Soundtrack Has Such Sounds To Play For You

David Bruckner's "Hellraiser" sequel is out on Hulu today, marking the 11th entry in the franchise that began back in 1987 with Clive Barker's seminal sadomasochistic masterpiece of the same name. (What is it with naming legacy sequels the exact same name as the original?) The movie's hitting screens just in time for Halloween and will bring brand new hellish sights and sounds to fans of the franchise, but some fans might want to extend that experience. Some of us just can't get enough of the Cenobites and the surreal, spooky sounds of their suffering, okay? 

We fiends for the freakish have been blessed by Mondo Records, who are releasing a gorgeous 2-LP vinyl soundtrack of the score by Ben Lovett, with artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin. There's also a limited-edition numbered colored vinyl pressing, aptly called the "Hell Priest" edition. That's the kind of thing to make Jesus weep. 

These ain't your momma's vinyl records

One thing vinyl collectors tend to appreciate about the format is the richness of sound. Something played on vinyl contains the same kind of tiny imperfections and changes in tone that a film fan might recognize in something shot on celluloid instead of digital. Scores and soundtracks are absolutely perfect for vinyl, and this unnerving, unholy-sounding score might be even more perfect still. "Hellraiser" and vinyl is a match made in hell.

For those who haven't seen Bruckner's take yet or want to complete their "Hellraiser" record collection, stunning matching vinyl versions of the soundtracks for the original "Hellraiser," "Hellraiser II," and "Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth" have all been restocked in the Mondo online store. All three feature art by Matt Ryan Tobin, and all three are guaranteed to make the neighbors wonder if they should call a priest or the cops if you play them too loudly. The first two films were scored by Christopher Young, while "Hellraiser III" was scored by Randy Miller. 

Brucker's "Hellraiser" bucked tradition a bit, giving the world the first female version of "The Hell Priest," better known to most of us as Pinhead, played by Jamie Clayton. It's a new story set in the same universe as the original films from Clive Barker, and could potentially signal a revival in the "Hellraiser" franchise for the foreseeable future (please and thank you!). 

You can pre-order the 2022 "Hellraiser" score vinyl from Mondo now, and expect it in your mailbox sometime around February 2023. Now that's one delightfully disturbing Valentine's gift.