Will There Be A Solar Opposites Season 5? Here's What We Know

I don't think anyone expected "Solar Opposites" to be anywhere near as good as "Rick and Morty." But alas, the pseudo-spin-off series, which was created by "Rick and Morty" creator Justin Roiland and writer Mike McMahan, while pretty excellent, is a far cry from what "R&M" brings to the table in its deliciously linear story. So, if you're a fan, you might be wondering ... are we getting a season 5 of "Solar Opposites?" Considering how excellent season 3 was, we better be, right? Read on to find out more about the fate of the hilarious sci-fi animated series.

Has Solar Opposites been renewed?

On the opening day of New York Comic Con 2022 on Thursday, October 6, Roiland and McMahan revealed during a panel that "Solar Opposites" will officially return to Hulu for season 5. The news comes before season 4's premiere, which is set for sometime in 2023. The series was previously renewed for a fourth season, a 12-episode arc announced in June 2021. Season 3 of the series wrapped in July, and Hulu recently premiered a Halloween special episode — titled "A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special" — days before season 5's green light was revealed.

Onward and upward

It's very exciting to know that Hulu is invested in continuing to tell the "Solar Opposites" stories for at least one more season. If you're a fan, you probably clocked that I made "story" plural there; The show now follows a whopping three linear stories, so there's a ton to unpack and even more to lose should the streamer have decided to pull the plug. However, I had little fear it would do such a thing. Following its first season's premiere, Hulu — which like other streamers does not release traditional viewership data — revealed that "Solar Opposites" was its most-watched original comedy premiere to date, so it's clear the audience is there, and continues to be there, for this series.

"Solar Opposites" centers on a "family" of aliens who have crash-landed on Earth after their home planet was destroyed. Half of the family — Korvo (Roiland) and Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) — think Earth is a less than admirable place to live out their lives, while the other half — Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Jesse (Mary Mack) — are endeared by all the things humans tend to love, namely crap TV, junk food, and the complexities of human emotion. In the latest season, the group tried to improve their familial bond, to mixed results, of course. 

The release date for season 5 of "Solar Opposites" has yet to be announced.