The White Lotus Season 2 Trailer: Prepare For Another Deadly Stay At Your Favorite Resort

As the debut season of "House of the Dragon" draws to close, it's time to think about the important things in life — like what the hell will become of HBO's Sunday night lineup? Well, worry not, because that dilemma already has a satisfying solution. The network is turning away from questions of incest and succession to return to its roots: sex, drugs, and murder. Yup, "The White Lotus" is coming back for a second season of rich people in crisis.

Per its official synopsis, Season 2 "leaves Hawaii behind and follows a different group of vacationers as they jet to another White Lotus property and settle in temporarily amongst its inhabitants."

Prepare to see new and familiar faces collide as we journey to Sicily with a new group of wealthy vacationers who have no idea that they're in the middle of a deadly satire. The first season of "The White Lotus" revolved around a mystery death: beginning with a body and then flashing back to reveal how an unfortunate death came to be. Whether or not the sophomore season will follow a similar construction has yet to be revealed, but thanks to the latest trailer, we know one thing for sure: death is definitely on the table. See for yourself, in the latest trailer for "The White Lotus" season 2.

Watch The White Lotus season 2 trailer

Big news for fans of Jennifer Coolidge — not only is messy entrepreneur Tanya McQuoid back for another vacation, this time she has a ring on her finger! In between seasons, Tanya got hitched to her vacation beau Greg (Jon Gries) and things are going ... about as well as expected, to be honest. Tension is already brewing between this couple, in part thanks to the presence of Hayley Lu Richardson as Portia, Tanya's personal assistant who is joining them on their romantic getaway. Unsurprisingly, marriage problems look to be a theme of the season, based on the introduction of Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan (Will Sharpe).

Plaza and Sharpe are playing a couple that has only recently moved up in the world, thanks to Ethan selling his company and joining the world of the 1%. While he basks in the glow of his new social status, Harper will spend the season worried about how money has changed him. And it certainly won't help that they're joined by another troublesome rich couple, Cameron (The James) and Daphne (Meghann Fahy). Beyond the budding martial disputes, the trailer also shows off lots of recreational drug use, sleazy men, hints of infidelity, a gun and yes, a body bag. The more things change, the more they stay the same; or, as Tanya says, a stay at a White Lotus resort is nothing if not memorable. 

The whole season will take place over the course of just one week at the resort, but clearly its impact will have some life-altering implications. The only thing we're missing is two terrifying teenagers to keep everyone in check, though I'm sure there will be plenty of other unsettling interactions showcased in season 2.

Prepare to experience all that "The White Lotus" in Sicily has to offer, starting October 30, 2022.