Big Mouth Season 6 Trailer: New Babies, New Loves, Same Embarrassing Middle Schoolers

"Big Mouth" is one of the only shows on TV that understands how truly weird it is to come of age. Over the past five seasons, the series has seen the teens of Bridgeton Middle School grow from shame-faced seventh graders to slightly more confident — if just as cringe-inducing — eighth graders. It's hard to believe these horny, awkward, hilarious kids still have so much more growing up to do, but then again, the well of offbeat and frank humor for this animated comedy never really runs dry.

Check out the trailer for the new season, which looks like it'll include some plot crossover from the spin-off "Human Resources," below.

Watch the Big Mouth season 6 trailer

Though I'll admit I'm only a sporadic "Big Mouth" enjoyer (it can get so very gross), the upcoming season looks like an entertaining and emotionally resonant continuation of a show that always takes its teens' character development seriously, even when it's getting silly. Among the new plotlines previewed, one of the most intriguing involves a classwide DNA test project, the results of which appear to land Lola (Nick Kroll) in a "Mamma Mia!"-esque paternity situation, reveal Jay's (Jason Mantzoukas) secret half-brother, and unveil the history of Nick's (also Kroll) nipple-twisting, Viking-fighting grandfather.

There's also the introduction of not one, but two new babies. While the puberty monsters Connie (Maya Rudolph) and Maury (Kroll) are begrudging parents-to-be, Jessi (Jessi Klein) is dealing with becoming an older half-sister to a seemingly evil baby that telepathically calls her a b***h (although, that's probably just in her head). The circle of life is a frequent topic of discussion on "Big Mouth," given that the kids are all in the midst of puberty themselves, but it's rarely been more up close and personal than when Maury projectile-blasts out a baby in the middle of his own baby shower.

This also looks to be a big season of self-discovery for Andrew (John Mulaney), who we see get caught trying on Diane Birch's "Pretty Woman" Halloween costume, and, on a totally different occasion, accidentally fondling himself in front of his parents on a family video chat. I'm not sure whether the poor guy is exploring gender presentation, getting really into cybersex with what seems to be his long-distance girlfriend or both. Regardless, he's clearly going through it — but then again, who wasn't at that age?

"Big Mouth" is back in session with season 6, which will be available to stream on Netflix beginning October 28, 2022.