Big Mouth Season 6 Trailer: So Now The Hormone Monsters Are Going Through Changes

"Big Mouth" is set to return this October, and if you haven't had time to check out its spinoff series "Human Resources" yet, it's time to study up. A new teaser just dropped for the latest season of "Big Mouth," and the puberty monsters are making it very clear that these shows are about to enter crossover territory.

There's not much by way of plot details for the new date announcement promo, which doesn't actually feature any of the kiddos that the show's all about. But it does check in on Connie (Maya Rudolph) and Maury (Nick Kroll), who have an announcement of their own. Check it out below:

A new season and a new baby

So, yeah, apparently Maury is pregnant and about to have a hormone monster baby. If you didn't realize this (I didn't either), that means you're probably behind on "Human Resources," the workplace comedy spin-off that premiered this past spring. Despite the name, "Human Resources" is all monsters, all the time — like a messed-up "Inside Out" that replaces cute Pixar feelings with Shame Wizards and former Hate Worms who had glow-ups to become Love Bugs.

"Oh, man, I guess s**t that happens on 'Human Resources' effects 'Big Mouth' too?!" Connie says in the promo after confirming Maury's really pregnant. Kudos to this show for saying what we're all thinking: it can be exhausting to keep track of interconnected shows! Luckily, there isn't a Big Mouth Cinematic Universe yet, so fans will only have two to watch if they want to know exactly what's up with every character when "Big Mouth" returns.

In case you need a refresher, the "Big Mouth" season 5 finale also ended with some character growth, along with at least one wild twist. The show went super-meta when Nick (Kroll) met the head of the Monster World and it turned out to be Nick Kroll himself, the co-creator of the show. Meanwhile, Missy (Ayo Edebiri) successfully turned her Hate Worm into a Love Bug, Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) chose to date Matthew (Andrew Rannells) instead of Lola (also Kroll), and everyone celebrated the new year. These kids are growing up! Slowly, admittedly, since they're still only in the eighth grade after five seasons, but that's sitcom time for you.

"Big Mouth" is set to return to Netflix on October 28, 2022. The show has also already been renewed for a seventh season ahead of the sixth season's premiere.