Extraction 2 First Look: Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake Is Back To Kill More Bad Guys

Remember how the pandemic lockdowns went into effect in 2020 and we all watched "Extraction" because there wasn't really much else to do? Netflix sure as heck noticed, given how quickly it green-lit "Extraction 2." But wait, you might ask, didn't that film end with Chris Hemsworth's taciturn black ops merc Tyler Rake getting shot in the neck and seemingly drowning in a river? It did, but, to quote a most astute medieval peasant, he got better.

"Extraction" does, in fact, nod to the idea of Tyler surviving with its final shot (which shows someone with a build suspiciously similar to that of Hemsworth's standing out of focus). It was more or less director Sam Hargrave and co-writers/producers Anthony and Joe Russo's way of hedging their bets, just in case the action-thriller didn't do the streaming numbers it needed to earn a follow-up. Except it did, and now we're getting "Extraction 2," a sequel that trades out yellow-filtered South Asia for wintery Central Europe as its primary setting.

Back at its 2021 Tudum event, Netflix released a teaser for "Extraction 2" mostly composed of clips from the first movie, save for the last bit where we see Tyler survive his near-death at the bottom of a river. Cut to the present and the streamer has now unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at the sequel, along with some glimpses of new footage, as part of 2022's Tudum festivities.

Watch the Extraction 2 behind-the-scenes first look

Hargrave is back at the helm for "Extraction 2," once again drawing from a story and script by the Russo Brothers (one that, like the first movie, all began with a graphic novel they co-created titled "Ciudad"). Golshifteh Farahani is also returning as Tyler's partner Nik Khan, joining Hemsworth in the "Extraction 2" cast.

Aside from some very bloody, brutal shoot-outs and close-quarter fight scenes orchestrated by Hargrave (putting his almost 20 years of experience as a stunt double and coordinator to great use), "Extraction" is a pretty generic action movie with little on its mind and a problematic white savior plot at the center of it all. With most of the film's main creatives back for the sequel, it's hard not to suspect "Extraction 2" will be as flashy yet insubstantial and otherwise routine as everything else the Russo Brothers have been directly involved with since bringing Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga to a close with "Avengers: Endgame." But hey, if all you're here for is to watch Hemsworth kills bad guys real good, "Extraction 2" aims to please.

"Extraction 2" will premiere on Netflix in 2023.