Extraction 2 Teaser: Chris Hemsworth Is Back, And He's Somehow Not A Corpse

"Extraction" became a huge hit when it was released on Netflix at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic back in April 2020. In fact, at the time, the movie was Netflix's most watched original movie ever, bringing in 99 million accounts in the first month of its release. Though we know that Netflix's streaming numbers are made to sound a little better than they actually might be in reality, the film was still a huge draw for subscribers, so of course there was going to be a follow-up. However, what we didn't know was what "Extraction 2" would focus on since Chris Hemsworth's character seems to die at the end of the movie. Now we have our answer. 

Extraction 2 Teaser

During Netflix's Tudum event over the weekend, Chris Hemsworth himself announced the forthcoming arrival of "Extraction 2," complete with a teaser video that officially confirms that his ex-military mercenary character Tyler Rake survived at the end of the movie. The teaser replays Rake's final moments where, after finally taking one too many bullets in a bloody battle on a bridge, he plunges into the river below and sinks to the bottom, seemingly accepting his fate. 

As Rake's body sits there, we hear some words of wisdom from earlier in "Extraction," when the young boy Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), who Rake was assigned to protect, told him, "You drown not by falling into the river but by staying submerged in it." Though this was meant to be an allusion to Rake wallowing in the tragedy of his son's death and letting is consume his life, now it's used literally.

Suddenly, Rake's eyes open, a burst of air bubbles come from his mouth, and he shoots to the surface. As he gulps a huge breath of air on the surface, we see #RakeLives, confirming the character's survival. Though this might seem like a surprise for some, Rake's survival was at least vaguely teased at the end of "Extraction."

Extraction's Mystery Man

Rake's death felt like a narrative necessity, especially since he mostly felt like a hollow shell of a man after the death of his own son. But the audience questioned whether or not he was really dead due to the movie's final scene. After it's assumed that Rake has died, we see Ovi swimming in a pool, alive and well thanks to his protector's sacrifice. As Ovi comes to the surface, next to the pool stands a man who is intentionally out of focus. It looks like this man could easily be Rake, but the movie cuts to black as Ovi turns to see this mystery man, so we're left to wonder whether it's Rake who is somehow still alive or maybe just a vision of Rake that Ovi is seeing as his watchful protector. Perhaps it's just Luke Hemsworth with nothing else to do.

But now that mystery has been solved, because we know Rake has officially survived. What we don't know is exactly how the story of "Extraction" will continue into the sequel. Will Rake again have to protect Ovi as more criminals try to track him down? Maybe that mystery man isn't Rake but someone else sent to dispatch with Ovi. It's also possible that Rake will have a completely different mission that he's sent on. However, the emotional core of "Extraction" came from Hemsworth trying to make up for not being around for the death of his son by protecting Ovi until the bitter end. So how will "Extraction 2" feel necessary without that element? In some ways, the sequel could make the first movie feel a little less significant, but it sounds like expanding the world of "Extraction" was planned all along. 

Producers Anthony & Joe Russo (the latter also serving as one of the script's writers) previously talked about their hopes of "building out a universe of films that could potentially explore some of the other characters from the first movie and some new characters, and see more historical interaction between the characters." David Harbour's character from the original movie was specifically mentioned as a possible focal point for another movie. Perhaps we'll see him popping up again in "Extraction 2." For now, we'll just have to wait until we hear more details.