Lord Corlys And Rhaenys Are House Of The Dragon's Ultimate Power Couple

This post contains spoilers for "House of the Dragon" episode five.

"House of the Dragon" has hit the season 1 halfway point and through five tumultuous episodes, we've watched twisted family dynamics, a kind yet ineffectual ruler (Paddy Considine) botch things up spectacularly, and a formidable couple rise. It is clear that The Queen Who Never Was, Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best), should have ruled the seven kingdoms with her husband Lord Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) by her side. They're cutthroat, practical in their choices, and more willing to do what must be done for the realm. Not that their decision to sell their 12-year-old daughter into marriage is okay. However, they know the way their brutal world works, and they know how to maneuver through it. 

They're both major players in this game. Lord Corlys, the Sea Snake, is the richest man in the kingdom, controlling the navy and the island of Driftmark. Princess Rhaenys rides the Red Queen, the other name for her dragon Meleys. They could have secured the line of House Targaryen for years to come if Rhaenys sat on the Iron Throne, as her position in the succession should have guaranteed. They may still, now that their son has married Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock). 

Let's look at the ultimate power couple in the Seven Kingdoms.

Holding all the cards

In past episodes, we've seen these two shoot each other knowing looks about the political maneuverings of the king. You just know they hang out in bed together for hours, making plans for every possible scenario. We've watched Lord Corlys speak the truth in the king's Small Council without worrying about being punished. They're both in an enviable position in the dance of politics here — Lord Corlys is too wealthy and powerful to have anything stripped from him. Plus, it's obvious that the king still feels guilty that he was chosen as heir when his cousin should be on that throne. They hold all the cards, and they know it. So they play accordingly. 

If they can't rule with Rhaenys on the throne, they will get one of their kids on it. The praise for their political decisions is something we wouldn't necessarily celebrate in the behavior of normal people, or even on most series. However, when you play the game of thrones in Westeros, you can't be a regular person. These two people are clearly in sync, willing to be patient and play the long game. They're also clearly in love, and isn't that just something in a land of dynastic matches and suspicion everywhere? 

Power couple energy

Episode five hammered home how perfect they are for each other as we see them on their home turf in Driftmark. Everything about the betrothal scene says volumes about them and their relationship. In a land where women wear formal dresses, Rhaenys is in comfy pants, serving herself wine instead of waiting for servants. She does as she likes in a world that rarely allows that for women. They clearly have a great deal of respect and affection for each other — it's been apparent in every scene between them.

They don't need to confer on the betrothal proposal. A simple look confirms a discussion they've clearly already had, presenting a united front. When they're alone, however, they're willing to argue and verbally work out their joint position respectfully. 

More telling about the relationship these two have is how they look at each other and touch each other, even while disagreeing. The chemistry between them is palpable, and even after years of marriage, you can see that the walls of Driftmark may be shaking a bit later that night. 

Look, they're not the best people. Corlys doesn't want to admit that his son prefers men. Neither of them is unwilling to sell off their daughter. All of this is very likely to come back and bite them in the ass, and it isn't great parenting. Still, in their dangerous world, they do what they feel they must. Lord Corlys and Princess Rhaenys may be the only people who could have ruled without screwing everything up. Plus, they're the only happy marriage in Westeros, and that place is not known for marital bliss. That's got to count for something.