A New Karate Kid Film Is On The Way

Get ready to relearn the power of balance, because a new installment of "The Karate Kid" is hitting theaters in 2024. Sony Pictures released a statement announcing the release dates of future titles, and the yet-untitled entry has been dated for June 7, 2024. The film will be distributed by Columbia Pictures with no director, screenwriter, or cast confirmed.

However, if we are to believe previous scoops and leaks, we could find ourselves with a reverse-engineered version of the original film's story. Murphy's Multiverse alleged earlier this August that the film will follow a young and accomplished martial artist that finds himself moving from Beijing to Brooklyn. As he adjusts to his surroundings, he ends up becoming a karate teacher to a hapless pizzeria owner.

However, we must stress that this is still unconfirmed and that the story could end up differing greatly from what eventually gets released. Still, with a release date confirmed, the plot could be confirmed sooner rather than later. As for right now, all it is described as is "the return of the original Karate Kid franchise."

The elephant, or rather Cobra in the room

This logline is a bit strange, as it seems to suggest that it is completely separate from Netflix's hit series "Cobra Kai." This would be perfectly fine if "Cobra Kai" isn't also a direct continuation of the original "Karate Kid" series, taking place several decades later with many film characters reprising their roles.

So, what gives? It's not exactly clear, as "Cobra Kai" is also produced under the Sony Television umbrella. Given how little is known about the film, it is possible that this "Karate Kid" movie could take place at the same time as "Cobra Kai." After all, if the Murphy's Multiverse report is real, then it will be taking place on the East Coast rather than the West. It could also be a completely separate movie that only feels like "The Karate Kid" in style and name. Here's to hoping this gets cleared up soon, because this is already starting to get confusing.

The untitled "Karate Kid" film is expected to arrive in theaters on June 7, 2024. "Cobra Kai" is streaming on Netflix.