Avenue 5 Season 2 Trailer: In Space, No One Can Hear You Groan

HBO has released a new trailer for the second season of its original series, "Avenue 5." The show was created by two-time Emmy Award-winner Armando Iannucci ("Veep," "The Death of Stalin") and stars Hugh Laurie ("House") and Josh Gad ("Beauty and the Beast"). If you haven't watched it yet, it's the story set about 40 years in the future aboard an interstellar spaceship. It's owned by clueless billionaire Herman Judd (Gad in a ponytail and some pretty wild outfits), who hired mainly attractive actors and models for his crew, so everyone would look good on the bridge and please the passengers. The ship itself is actually run by a second crew who weren't deemed pretty enough to be seen. 

The titular space cruiser, Avenue 5, was supposed to be out on an eight-week cruise, but the death of an engineer and the temporary loss of artificial gravity changed their course. Instead of eight weeks, the ship would take three years to return in the first season, causing chaos among both passengers and the respective crews. It doesn't help that they were only stocked with enough food to last for the original voyage. 

In season 2, that number has been bumped up to eight years. How like "Gilligan's Island," right? Things are about to get messy when we rejoin the ship. 

Watch the Avenue 5 trailer

"Avenue 5" also stars Zach Woods ("The Other Guys"), Rebecca Front ("Transformers: The Last Knight"), Suzy Nakamura ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Lenora Crichlow ("Being Human"), Nikki Amuka-Bird ("Jupiter Ascending"), and Ethan Phillips ("Star Trek: Voyager"). Recurring in the series are Himesh Patel ("Yesterday"), Jessica St. Clair ("Best Friends Forever"), Kyle Bornheimer ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine"), Andy Buckley ("The Office"), Matthew Beard ("Vienna Blood"), Daisy May Cooper ("This Country"), Adam Pålsson ("Young Wallander"), Julie Dray ("A Bird Flew In"), and Neil Casey (writer on "Saturday Night Live"). 

The new season of "Avenue 5" has eight episodes and the tagline "The ship has hit the fan." The trailer features Laurie's brilliant dry comedy in the best way, and Gad's appearance alone makes this worth a watch. 

In the future, traveling through space is no longer a fantasy and the solar system has become a holiday destination. The exclusive space cruiser Avenue 5 takes its course in the hands of confident and suave captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie). But a sudden technical failure will test the skill of the captain and his crew to keep the passengers — and themselves — calm.

"Avenue 5" season 2 will premiere on HBO and stream on HBO Max on Monday, October 10, 2022.