Superhero Bits: Batman: The Audio Adventures Season 2 Trailer, Benedict Wong On A Wong Series & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • "Batman: The Audio Adventures" returns for a second season.

  • Namor isn't just another Aquaman.

  • When and where will we see Kit Harington's Black Knight in the MCU?

  • Grant Gustin gets emotional as "The Flash" season 9 gets underway.

  • All that and more!

The Court of Owls get a new Gotham Knights poster

We are just a handful of weeks away from the release of the long-awaited "Gotham Knights" video game on October 21. While there will be plenty of villains for the Bat-Family to contend with, the Court of Owls will be getting in on the action, and the marketing department has decided to highlight that fact with a new poster. That is some straight-up horror movie stuff right there. One can hope those vibes carry over into the game.

Grant Gustin shares emotional post as The Flash season 9 begins filming

Grant Gustin is getting ready to say goodbye to the role of Barry Allen after nearly a decade, as "The Flash" season 9 will conclude the long-running series on The CW. Just as filming was about to get underway (which begins today), Gustin took to Instagram to get a little emotional about his journey, expressing a great deal of gratitude for the time he's spent in the role. He also shared some pictures looking back at season 1, bringing things full circle.

Michael Giacchino is also scoring the Werewolf by Night Halloween special

During D23, Marvel released our first look at the upcoming Marvel Halloween special "Werewolf by Night," which is making its way to Disney+ just in time for spooky season. What is perhaps most interesting about it is that composer extraordinaire Michael Giacchino is directing. But who is going to compose the movie's score? Well, that guy's name is Michael Giacchino. Yes, responding to a fan on Twitter, the composer confirmed that he is also handling the soundtrack, joking that it was "Some guy named Michael Giacchino." So just one more reason to get excited about the whole thing.

Mondo's X-Men: The Animated Series Magneto figure is on sale now

Fans of "X-Men: The Animated Series" with a little bit of cash to spend will want to pay attention as Mondo's Magneto figure from the beloved show is on sale now. You can see the figure in question in the above Instagram post and it is an impressive recreation of the mutant from the '90s TV show. The key thing here is that the figure is only available until 11:59 AM CT tomorrow, Thursday, 9/15. So those who wish to get their hands on one will need to act fast. The figure retails for $225 and pre-orders can be obtained by clicking here.

Winston Duke says the MCU's Namor is not just another Aquaman

Winston Duke is returning as M'Baku in this year's "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," which will introduce Namor to the MCU. Yes, he is a water-dwelling character who rules a hidden kingdom, but don't just think of Tenoch Huerta's Sub-Mariner as just another Aquaman. Duke, speaking recently with the LA Times, said that Namor isn't just "another Aquaman." Namor feels more real and grounded.

"In our version, it feels a lot more real than fiction. In the MCU fashion, we've grounded it in real cultural significance and cultural traditions. You see the Latinx contingent that is present visually. Ryan Coogler's creation within the Marvel cinematic landscape is one of deep honor and connection to real stuff. So I think a lot of people are gonna see themselves represented."

Now that shouldn't be read as a dig on Jason Momoa's "Aquaman," in my humble opinion. Rather, it seems Duke is just trying to get across that these characters aren't going to be carbon copies merely because they share some similarities.

Kit Harington wants to return to the MCU but has no idea when (or if) it will happen

Kit Harington made his MCU debut in "Eternals" last year as Dane Whitman, but it was very much a play for the future as we got a tease that Harington's character would become the Black Knight. Speaking with Josh Horowitz recently, Harington explained that he actually has no idea what's going on, nor does he know if he will appear again. But he very much wants to return.

"I hope to be involved in future stuff, with that character, with Dane Whitman, and that he might go on and be the thing that everyone quotes at me in the street. But I honestly don't know. I don't know what their plans are. I know they're going into a kind of Phase 5..."

We'll see what Kevin Feige and the brain trust at Marvel Studios have in mind as Phase 5 of the MCU unfolds in 2023 and beyond.

A Wong solo show? Benedict Wong certainly seems open to it

Wong, played by Benedict Wong, has come a long way in the MCU since his debut in 2016's "Doctor Strange" and has increasingly been a big part of Phase 4 as our current Sorcerer Supreme. But what about a Wong solo series on Disney+? Addressing the topic with The Hollywood Reporter, given his recent appearances on "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," the actor seemed open to the idea. That said, he's not going to push for it himself.

"You know, a lot of people have said that. Yeah, I could certainly think of some ideas. But hey, it's not for me to push that. If you ever see anyone, send the question over there. I mean, look, I love playing this role, and I think there's so much more scope that we could go into with a series, yeah."

So, maybe get some of those Twitter campaigns going? Maybe a Madisynn and Wong show? If nothing else, it seems like he isn't getting tired of playing Wong and probably won't be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Batman: The Audio Adventures season 2 trailer goes big on the villains

Lastly, HBO Max has released a new trailer for "Batman: The Audio Adventures" season 2, with the original scripted podcast series set to return on October 7. Jeffrey Wright once again leads an A-list cast as Batman in what seems like a villain-packed adventure. The trailer gives us a hint of that, but the synopsis promises a who's who of Batman's rogues gallery getting in on the action.

Gotham City. A seething cauldron of crime and corruption about to boil over. While The Joker remains at large, criminal kingpins and former rivals The Penguin and Two-Face have combined their villainous might – and the mysterious narcoterrorist known as Scarecrow remains unidentified, even as his chemical nightmares plague the city. The schism between Batman and Catwoman grows ever larger as both escalate their separate wars on crime, threatening dire consequences for both. And former doctor or something Harleen Quinzel is living for a love that's slowly killing her, just waiting for inspiration to strike...

All 10 episodes of the show's second season will drop at once for your binging pleasure on October 7. Aside from the trailer, we've also got a rather excellent new poster, which you can check out below.