Here's When You Can Stream The Simpsons Season 33 On Disney+

Yes, you're reading that correctly. If you've been out of the loop, "The Simpsons," the animated sitcom phenomenon that started way back in 1989, has now made it all the way to 33 seasons. People joke that no one has watched the series since its heyday, but the fact that it's now coming up to its 34th season sends a pretty clear message that there are plenty of folks still keeping up with the goings-on in Springfield.

If you do decide you want to get caught up on all things "Simpsons," we have good news. According an announcement from the D23 Expo, the 33rd season of "The Simpsons" will be made available for streaming on Disney+ from October 5, 2022. 

In the event that you're feeling a little impatient before next month, a new "Simpsons" short entitled "Welcome to the Club," where Lisa learns how to be a proper Disney villain, is currently streaming. It was released to coincide with Disney+ day yesterday. The Disney+ shorts, such as "Plusiversary" and "When Billie Met Lisa" are largely soulless advertisements for the streaming service, but if you're a "Simpsons" completionist, they're now available for your amusement.

Season 33 features an abundance of guest stars

It wouldn't be "The Simpsons" if it weren't absolutely loaded with guest stars, and this season has them in abundance. Such names include the talents of Brian Cox ("Succession"), Cristin Milioti ("Palm Springs"), Christine Baranski ("The Good Fight"), Rachel Bloom ("Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"), John Mulaney ("Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers"), Kumail Nanjiani ("Eternals"), John Lithgow ("Dexter"), and Hugh Jackman ("The Greatest Showman").

The most intriguing development I noticed about this season, however, was "Scandal" star Kerry Washington joining the cast as Bart's new teacher, Ms. Peyton, who now serves as the permanent replacement of Mrs. Krabappel after Marica Wallace's unfortunate passing in 2013.

In other "Simpsons" news from D23, the upcoming season 34 will feature two "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, including a dedicated homage to Stephen King's "IT" with Krusty the Clown serving the role of the creepy clown. 

"The Simpsons" season 34 will premiere September 25, 2022, on Fox. Season 33 will be added to Disney+ on October 5.