Andor Final Trailer: The Rebellion Begins, And The Empire Strikes Back [D23]

Disney's annual D23 Expo is in full swing, which naturally means new promotions for terribly short-lived deals, a heaping spoonful of self-congratulatory corporate navel-gazing, and a day-long affair where the studio unveils all the entertainment goodies its been holding back for just such an occasion. Luckily, D23 tends to live up to the hype as far as first looks and fresh footage of highly-anticipated movies and shows are concerned. One such item on every "Star Wars" fan's wishlist has been the upcoming "Andor," the Disney+ series prequel/spin-off to the 2016 film "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" — which you may remember was itself a prequel/spin-off to the original 1977 "Star Wars." We're truly through the looking glass here, people.

But compared to the likes of previous streaming "Star Wars" series, "Andor" has appeared noticeably different right from the jump. Bringing back Diego Luna as the Rebel spy/officer Cassian Andor, our prior looks at the show have shown off a much grittier, darker, and more adult take on the galaxy far, far away ... which I suppose is fitting for a series that follows up on the movie where all our heroes (spoiler alert!) brutally died at the end. "Andor" will take perhaps the most intriguing figure from that movie and show us how he operated from the shadows in the years preceding the beginning of the Galactic Civil War against the Empire.

/Film has boots on the ground at D23, where the studio screened a new trailer of the upcoming series for those in attendance in sunny Anaheim, California, before releasing it online as well. Check out the final trailer for "Andor" below!

The final trailer for Andor

With the buzz building higher and higher for "Andor," Lucasfilm didn't disappoint the many fans who turned out to D23 for a glimpse of what the new "Star Wars" series has to offer.

"Andor" is created by Tony Gilroy ("Michael Clayton," the "Bourne" trilogy, "Rogue One"), with Toby Haynes, Susanna White, and Benjamin Caron all serving as directors on the 12-episode miniseries. The series is written by Gilroy, his brother Dan Gilroy ("Nightcrawler"), Stephen Schiff, and Beau Willimon. Starring Diego Luna, Genevieve O'Reilly, Stellan Skarsgård, Adria Arjona, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller, and Fiona Shaw, "Andor" will premiere on Disney+ on September 21, 2022.