Could we see a Pixar animated Star Wars movie?

We’ve already seen (and pretended to forget) Star Wars animation that looks like Pixar. Now that Disney owns both, will the companies pair up? It’s unlikely, at least for the foreseeable future. Pixar already has several films in development probably looking ahead to 2017. (Generally their films are being developed at least 3 years before the public hears about them.) Considering that Disney purchased Marvel in 2009, Pixar has had some time to use that awesome property and has yet to do so. I think Star Wars would be similar. Pixar likes to do its own thing, and until that stops being lucrative, expect Pixar to play in its own yard.

Walt Disney Feature Animation though? Maybe that’s more likely.

Will Disney open up a Star Wars theme park?

Some would say Disney’s theme parks are already too full of Star Wars, as the companies have been working together since 1987 and recently refurbished their classic Star Tours rides. But in the conference call announcing the deal, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that expanding their role in the theme parks was definitely one of the selling points of the deal. That means it’s surely something they’ll look at but it’s a long process.

Will Marvel and Star Wars properties cross over?

Much like Disney and LucasFilm had a relationship before this deal, so too did Marvel and LucasFilm, as, beginning in the late ’70s, Marvel published a slew of Star Wars comic books before Dark Horse took over the license in the ’90s. While we’re still at a “anything is possible” stage with this deal, and Disney has done such a masterful job with Marvel on the big screen, I doubt we’d ever see these two universes cross paths there. Sorry, no Iron Man vs. Boba Fett battle. However, Disney is always looking for new TV content for their channels and there, this just might work.

Will we get the original trilogy on Blu-ray?

When the news broke of this deal, almost immediately fans began clamoring for a Blu-ray release of the original, unedited, Star Wars trilogy. And let’s face it: if Disney were to make that release happen, it would generate significant good will with the fans leading up to the release of Episode VII. However, Lucas is still part of this whole thing as a “creative consultant.” I still don’t think he lets it happen until at least 2015 with the new movies coming out.

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