While it’s understandable that some diehard fans think the very idea of another Star Wars trilogy is unforgivable sacrilege, we’re more inclined to think it could be an unexpected blessing. Disney’s got their hands on one of the richest mythologies in pop culture, and enough clout that it can book some serious talent to do it justice. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of ten filmmakers we’d love to see explore a galaxy far, far away — and five we’d rather stayed here on Earth. Hit the jump to read.

Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily the names we think are the most likely to get the call, or that they’d even be interested in the gig in the first place. And of course, all of this is assuming that Disney actually wants to go with a big-name filmmaker — it’s certainly possible they’ll go with someone less established or more obscure. With that said, we’re still at the point where just about anything seems possible with this project. Why not fantasize a bit?

10. Andrew Stanton
Andrew Stanton‘s John Carter wasn’t everything it could’ve been, but at its best it played like Star Wars for a new age. His Mars was huge in scope and rich with detail, and he coaxed real warmth out of a mostly CG cast of characters. It’s a shame the actual storytelling fell a bit flat, but we know he’s capable of better from his work on Toy Story 3, Wall-E, and Finding Nemo. With a little support, he has the potential to make Star Wars VII a classic in its own right.

9. Darren Aronofsky
A Disney picture would certainly mark a change of pace from Darren Aronofsky‘s typically R-rated oeuvre. And yet… All of Aronofsky’s films deal with protagonists whose well-intentioned passions warp into all-consuming obsessions, which is basically Darth Vader’s entire plot arc in a nutshell. An Aronofsky Star Wars could face the darker side of the Force, and wind up the most complex and mature installment of the series.

8. Gore Verbinski
Forget the later Pirates of the Caribbean sequels for a second and think back to how fantastic the first one was. Gore Verbinski‘s The Curse of the Black Pearl had everything you could possibly want in a family-friendly adventure: Genuinely exciting action, a healthy sense of humor, a touch of tender romance, and memorable lead and supporting characters that you could really sink your teeth into. Which, hey, turns out to be a lot of what fans look forward to in a Star Wars movie as well.

7. David Fincher
David Fincher‘s professional career actually began at Industrial Light and Magic, where he worked on the LucasFilm productions Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. And he still loves George Lucas‘ work — he’s called the original trilogy “an A+,” and his on-hold-for-now 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has been described as Star Wars-esque. Now would be a perfect time for him to make his own stamp on the iconic franchise. We’re envisioning something with visual dazzle and a slightly twisted sensibility.

6. Rian Johnson
Rian Johnson hasn’t done a studio blockbuster yet, but if he decided to go that route we’d die to see him tackle Star Wars. Looper was one of the best sci-fi releases in recent memory, expertly weaving together heavy themes, zippy action, and some truly bold sequences. (I’m thinking in particular of the harrowing sequence in which a man falls to pieces before our very eyes.) Johnson could bring a bit of edge to the series, and make it feel new again.

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