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Wonder Woman Heads into the Heart of the War

The war is raging on the frontlines. Diana Prince wants to help anyone she can at every turn. Whether it’s assisting a family in pulling horses out of a deep bed of mud, or saving a village of people who are being enslaved by German forces, Diana feels compassion and sympathizes with the plight of mankind in this war.

Diana, Steve and their band of rogue soldiers walk through the trenches of a battlefield where the Germans have them outgunned from 200 yards away. There’s a battalion of soldiers who have been in that same location for a year and they’ve barely gained an inch, thanks to the machine guns that the Germans have pointed all over the battlefield. Steve explains to Diana that this area is called No Man’s Land, because no man can cross it.

Diana doesn’t need to say that she isn’t a man for us to know she’s about to charge across that battlefield. Even though Steve says this is not what they came here to do, Diana turns away, and when she turns back, her signature headband is in place as she says, “No, but it’s what I’m going to do.”

Wonder Woman Tone

This is where we see an extended, more detailed version of the footage seen in the trailers of Wonder Woman, with Diana marching into battle. She throws off her coat to reveal her trademark armor, bracelets, lasso and shield, walks slowly up the ladder and into the line of fire. She starts off jogging, deflecting bullets with her bracelets, eventually taking out her shield to knock away a mortar. Her speed increases as does the gunfire, forcing her to duck behind her shield as a barrage of machine gun bullets ricochets in various directions.

Diana deflects bullets back at the gunmen, sparks fly everywhere, leaving the rest of the soldiers to take advantage of the distraction she’s created by making their way across No Man’s Land. When Diana finally makes it to the machine gun, she obliterates the weapon with her shield, marking her first real victory in the war. But she has little time to celebrate as she leaps out of one trench and into yet another battle.

This particular sequence was set to “Adagio in D Minor” from John Murphy’s score for Sunshine, a track that has been used countless times in trailers and commercials. Its use with this footage gave the proceedings an epic feeling, and I hope whatever score Rupert Gregson-Williams composes for this scene is just as powerful.

What I like most about this scene is how fearless Diana seems, even in the face of insurmountable odds. It’s not because she’s cocky ( she’s still mastering her strength and powers), but it’s because this is how she was raised. She heeds the call for a hero, even when she doesn’t have to be one.


Having been mostly unimpressed with what the DC Expanded Universe has brought to the table recently with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, I was happy to be impressed by what was shown from Wonder Woman. It doesn’t feel like a drastic shift in tone, but there appears to be so much more humanity in the proceedings despite the fact that we’re following a fantastical superhero who was created by the gods.

The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine is undeniable, and the humor from their interaction comes about so naturally that it doesn’t feel like it’s being shoehorned into a grimdark franchise (something I’m worried about seeing happen in Justice League later this year). Beyond that, Wonder Woman is a hero whose motivations to protect and save people feel far more earnest and admirable than that of the version of Superman given to us by Zack Snyder.

While I’m not certain that the entirety of Wonder Woman will end up being impressive, the footage that Patty Jenkins decided to show us was enough to give me hope that there’s still a chance for the DC Expanded Universe to come away with at least one exciting superhero franchise.

Wonder Woman arrives on June 2, 2017.

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