Will Ferrell Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

A shortened edition of Weekend Update feels like it was cut down simply because the length of the Democratic debate sketch spanned roughly two whole sketches. But maybe it’s for the best since this edition didn’t feel like it had the best one-liners from Michael Che and Colin Jost. It almost felt phoned it, though the bit about Julia Roberts being suggested to play Harriet Tubman was solid.

Guy Who Just Bought a Boat on Thanksgiving – Admittedly, the Guy Who Just Bought a Boat hasn’t been one of my favorite recurring characters. It feels like even more of a one-note joke than the usual recurring guests at the desk. But this particular edition felt like it got as raunchy as it could get on late night network television without upsetting standards and practices. The double entendre at play here was clever, gross, and delivered perfectly by Alex Moffat. Plus, you gotta love Ryan Reynolds bragging about his big flaccid member.

The Host

What can be said about Will Ferrell that we don’t already know from his tenure on the show in the 1990s and early 2000s? The guy brings endless charm and enthusiasm even in the most lackluster sketches. He’s saved many of them simply by giving 100%. That feels like it happened more often in this episode than I would have liked, but it was just nice to have Ferrell back in his old stomping grounds. Again, it was a little disappointing that they didn’t come up with something for Ferrell joining the Five Timers club, but maybe they just couldn’t figure out any approach that felt fresh.

Oh, and as far as the monologue that ended up being delivered, it’s clear that Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds have enjoyed collaborating (or preparing to collaborate) on their upcoming remake of A Christmas Carol. While the big was undoubtedly enjoyable, it felt like maybe it went on a little too long.


Saturday Night Live - Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell – Sketches were spread around pretty evenly among the cast in this episode, though Kenan Thompson and the featured players other than Bowen Yang didn’t really seem like they got much play. So there wasn’t a standout among them, but when you have Will Ferrell hosting, there likely won’t be a standout as big as this former cast member. Like I said before, Ferrell’s presence elevates has the potential to elevate the worst sketches (even if the Donald Trump bit proves he can’t always deliver). It was enough to make this episode one of the best of the season, but it was enjoyable.

The Final Word

While I was hoping to get a little bit more from Will Ferrell returning to Saturday Night Live for his fifth time as host, this was still a fairly enjoyable episode. It didn’t pack quite as much of a punch as you hope for from the Thanksgiving episode, but maybe the writers were just as ready for a break as the rest of us and they just didn’t have the goods this week. We hope they’ll be back with a vengeance when they return after Thanksgiving for the December 7 episode hosted by Jennifer Lopez. Stay tuned.

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