Will Ferrell Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Cinema Classics: The Wizard of Oz – Kate McKinnon puts on a great Judy Garland voice in this sketch, but I found myself wishing the set-up advanced beyond the concept of some dwarves in Kansas being upset about appearing as munchkins in Dorothy’s adventure in Oz. Will Ferrell’s voice, especially when expressing anger brings the biggest laugh, and Bowen Yang and Kyle Mooney have some pretty funny facial expressions throughout. But it feels like the writers didn’t know where to take this sketch in the end. Also, Kenan Thompson’s introduction in the beginning was funnier than half of this sketch.

Ventriloquist – The wig is what makes this sketch land better than it otherwise might have been. Again, it’s Ferrell that makes small moments in the sketch really funny. But as this sketch went on, much like the Wizard of Oz sketch, it felt like it didn’t end up going anywhere. Maybe the best part of the sketch is the way Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong get upset at Ferrell’s treatment of the dummy. But in the end, I was hoping either Ferrell’s reactions would escalate in return or that the lines the dummy had would get even more concerning.

Heinz – This Thanksgiving commercial feels like it could have used a little more time in the oven. As funny as it is for sexual sounds to come from a ketchup bottle, it doesn’t feel like it gels with the concept of the faux product itself. That might be a little nitpicky for such a goofy comedy sketch, but it might have been better if the product was given a better name.

Pizza Ad – Here’s one of those sketches that genuinely makes you feel sorry for the characters. This family genuinely feels like they have some issues. While it definitely brings some laughs, especially with how defeated Kate McKinnon feels, but overall, it didn’t land all that firmly for me.

The Worst

First Thanksgiving – All right, so throughout the sketch, it’s hard to appreciate anything that’s happening when you have Will Ferrell playing a Native American father, and while he’s accompanied by some partially non-white actors as his family, everything just feels wrong. That’s a shame because the premise itself is amusing, even if the John Smith bathroom breaks in between don’t really go anywhere. It seems like the wrtiers realized this halfway through getting this sketch together and thought it might be funny to address this with a joke about how everybody poops. It just doesn’t work.

Trump Impeachment Press Conference – Yikes. What the hell happened with this sketch? Why does SNL even bother bringing back Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump? There’s absolutely nothing funny in this sketch, and most of the attempted jokes have already been done elsewhere on the late night circuit. But at least SNL shoehorned in a lazy reference to the real, stupid notes that Trump wrote when he participated in this press conference.

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