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Sub Level C Exists: What Will We Find Below Cold Storage?

In “The Adversary,” we see Bernard journey to sub level B82, just one floor above cold storage, seen in the pilot episode, located on sublevel B83. We were meant to believe that this was the lowest section of the Mesa Hub. Even the Westworld map from the DestinationWestworld website shows it as the lowest section of the behind-the-scenes facility. But if you look carefully at the Elevator Display in episode six you’ll notice that there is a Sub Level C. What do you think might be located on those whole new level, so mysterious that it’s not even included on the ARG map?

As a user on Reddit points out, one of the buttons says “C95” with a lock icon underneath. Is it possible that sub level C is the original basement from the original movie? It appears that sub level B is the original lobby that guests initially arrived at when coming to the park. It’s possible the C level is completely under water.

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More Evidence Supporting the Two-Timeline Theory

If you’re reading this Westworld theories article, then chances are you’ve read our other theory posts and are well acquainted with the two-timeline theory. For those of you who are not, the theory suggests that we are witnessing stories from multiple timelines. The storyline featuring William and Logan is set 30-something years ago leading to the initial critical failure, and the story with the Man in Black takes place three decades later, with some suggesting that William becomes the Man in Black.

Episode 6, “The Adversary,” adds more fuel to this fire. One of the biggest pieces of evidence to support the two-timeline theory revolves around two very different-looking Westworld logos. An old retro logo appears when William first arrives at the park, very different than the sci-fi modern looking logo we see in much of the rest of the series. Some viewers have written this off as a continuity error as the show shut down for a handful of months during production and did reshoots. Well, this week’s episode seems to suggest it was intentional.

westworld logos episode 2 and 6

As you can see, the image to the right from episode 2 shows the dressing room with the retro logo, while the video playing in the behind-the-scenes area in episode 6 shows the same robot host in front of the new logo. Viewers have concluded that the retro Westworld logo was added in after the fact with computer manipulation. The thumbnail on HBO seems to feature the original shot with William in front of the modern Westworld logo:

Modern Westworld logo in William scene from Westworld episode 2

As has been widely reported, production was shut down on Westworld halfway through season one to help the showrunners get a better handle. It’s possible that they decided after filming that viewers needed some clues to hint at multiple timelines. HBO even filed the following tweet before the series premiered, cluing viewers into this possibility:


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