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A batch of new images from the third episode of Westworld, titled “The Stray” have arrived online. We know from the released synopsis that this episode will follow Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and Elsie (Shannon Woodward) as they venture into the park in pursuit of a missing host while Teddy (James Marsden) is programmed with a new backstory that sees him leaving Sweetwater behind. Most importantly: the episode is directed by Neil Marshall, who has made his fair share of terrific movies and has directed some of Game of Thrones‘ best episodes.

The AV Club sat down with writer Ed Brubaker, who is best known for his work on comic books like Criminal, Fatale, and The Fade-Out (he also created the Winter Solider during his acclaimed Captain America run). However, he’s also a supervising producer on Westworld and he spoke about landing his job on the series:

So I went in and met, and did the whole thing. You go in, and you meet with the showrunner, and you get interviewed, and you talk about stuff. It’s kind of just chatting, basically. And then like a week later, I got the call that I was being offered a job on the show. I was lucky—I was an outside-the-box hire. Because I had done a bunch of development, and written a few movie scripts that were in various stages of maybe getting made, and had a huge comic career behind me, I was able to come in at a place where it wasn’t like I was starting at staff writer. For me, the pilot is one of the best TV pilots that’s ever been made. Probably in the top five that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s HBO. Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy, who are just amazing writers. I just wanted to learn how really great TV gets made.

You can read the whole interview at the link above.

Art of the Title has posted an extensive interview with Patrick Clair, the creative director of Elastic, the company behind the opening titles of Westworld. Clair, whose team has won Emmys for their work on True Detective and The Man in the High Castle, went into extensive detail about the designing the sequence, which blends frightening glimpses of technology with western iconography:

Jonah’s got this brilliant writer’s mind and he dug into it and started throwing out some ideas that were more emotionally challenging than I would have been willing to walk in and pitch. That’s when I felt like we were let off the leash, in a real way but also in a very collaborative way. That’s when we started to dig into the idea of the host who becomes redundant, who is somehow killed at the end. It took us a long time to come to the idea of him going back into the milk bath, but this idea that there was this player that we made redundant was kicked up.

The idea of digging into these robot lovers — robots who were created for the purpose of human pleasure and vice, these kind of dark human things — the idea of them sneaking off for their own romantic, sexual trysts was pretty cool and interesting. Obviously that’s where you get that “All is Full of Love” connection.

Then playing with the iconography of the galloping horse across a Western landscape, but done in such a way that it’s this grotesque skeletal creature being assembled by robots. All of these things started to come up as we sat in this room over near Warner Bros. and thrashed ideas back and forth. It was a process that had enough time to breathe. We started with them in February and we delivered a few days before it went on air [in October]. It was really satisfying and exciting.

You can read the much larger interview at the link above and it is very worthy of your time.

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Two new Westworld posters made their debut at the New York Comic-Con and they’re stylish and surprisingly wry. The depiction of cowboy imagery utilizing circuitry is expected, but I’m head-over-heels in love with the taglines that are so dumb that they loop in on themselves and become awesome. I want to buy a drink for whoever wrote “Every hero has a code” and “Some places make you feel alive.” Insert Italian chef kissing sound here.

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